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 The Note 3 isn't released yet for retail in the US. I will test it over the next few days. I don't have a really high end DAP, but I can use some of my desktop DACs for comparison.
I just got this phone today. So far I am EXTREMELY impressed. I previously had 4 generations of iPhones, and I was ready for something a bit more.... open.   I noticed an actual difference in sound stage (wider) and detail when I plugged this into my stereo. Hardly a blind test, but I am going to try to sample it more tomorrow. Apparently the DAC is a Wolfson WM5110.   :-)   I love new gadgets.   (The only thing I didnt like was the headphone connector on the...
I am looking for something to use on a new Android phone that is similar to the Apple ear buds. I dont want IEM, just something I can quickly use to make a call. Looking at about $40-50 max.
Basically, Windows 8 has some change that dramatically increases latency and probably audio judder and crackling.   It appears to be related to a power saving feature, but this has not been confirmed.   I think we maybe should start some sort of petition on this.
I just ordered some AKG 271 and I hate them.   I am starting to think the Denon's are better than I thought....
Up to about $700. Less is great. If I could get something for $2-300 that would be ideal.
I just got some Denon 7000s and I am not entirely happy with them. The mids are bit too recessed for me.    Can anyone suggest a pair of headphones (ideally closed back) where the mids are not as recessed but they are still very comfortable. Thanks!
I bought an M2Tech Hiface about a year ago when it was being billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.   I use it currently as a pretty decent laptop sound card outputting to my home stereo receiver.   I was hoping that it would eventually get Linux support. Does anyone know if there are still plans for that?   I remember that there was some controversy with the device -- something about some hardware revisions not having the best quality clock...
Hi, I generally do not like IEM. I bought some Sennheiser MX880 ear buds, and I loved the sound, but they are now broken.   For a replacement, what do you suggest? I would be willing to consider an IEM, but I think I would prefer earbuds. A good quality volume control would be great, or at least a mute switch. But will consider models without. A fairly long cord wold be good too -- I use these at my desk.   Looking to spend about $40-65.   Thanks!
Want a Little Dot DAC_I   Willing to pay around $200 depending on how old it is and where you are shipping from etc.
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