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Any feedback from early users of this new Mytek DAC ?  
  Yes HDtracks, well it's been a while. I have paid by paypal and probably let the country at default US... so maybe that's the trick !
Are you sure ? I bought several tracks from them   I concur that playing 16/44.1 lossless files is already a VERY good start. I bought 24/96 files of some albums I already own in 16/44, and I find out that the quality difference (when there is) is due to remastering, not resolution.    
Just my 2 cents to clarify :   - Upgraded ST card has nothing to do with the V2.0 printed in the circuit board (I had an V2.0 not upgraded, now back from the upgrade, no visible difference, beside the sound !) - The numbers xabu is refering to has nothing to do with the OPamp change (it's capacitors !).   If your HM801 has been purchased before Fang decided to change OPamp, then you have the old one, that all... (you can also refer to the QC date tag on the PCB)
I have used the upgraded ST card and the game card for some weeks now (and before that, the 2 older ST card, high and low gain)     The upgraded ST (wich I prefer not to call "V2", has older ones already have V2.0 printed on the circuitboard) is for sure an improvement. It also has a quite different sound signature. The older ST is slightly on the warm side, the new one is much more "flat", with firmer bass and extended / thicker highs.   Comparing with the...
Is it still time to place order ? I'd like one... :)
  Interesting topic ! I was always been convinced that 24/96 is superior to 16/44. Well, until today. I will try to make the story short. It has started maybe 10 years ago when I was trying a SACD reissue of an old analog jazz recording. The SACD was in every aspect superior to the CD issue. Since then, I always thought that 24/94, DSD or any other “HD” audio formats are obviously superior. My last listening test was with my Hifiman HM801. It wasn’t to...
    I would be happy to read more listening comparison between both DAP.     Sorry being of topic, but I find quite noticable differences between some commercial 16/44 and 24/96 tracks. Anyway your statement may be true and the difference may come from 24/96 mastering. (You can try Rebecca Pidgeon "Spanish Harlem" on Chesky for instance)
    The channel imbalance at low level seems to be an inevitable drawback of analog volume control (wich is supposed to be better than digital one). Now I'm using the game amp (designed for iem) :I still only use 20% of the volume knob and I still have an imbalance at low volume, but nothing very annoying imo.   I have also tried the 1st "high gain" stock amp and the 2nd "low gain" version : On the "high gain", the imbalance is really a disturbing issue for sensitive...
  I would also like to know more about warp08 impression regarding game / st card comparison. To my ears the game card sound better (using EM3pro). More open and effortless sound, tighter low end.
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