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Exactly,  you can't turn a pony into a race horse with a few injections.  Armstrong is still a hell of an athlete, regardless of what he's being accused of, and giving credit to doping for all of his achievements is really the part that rubs me the wrong way...not so much whether he did dope or not.
Fair enough, but that's also 2 out of how many over 7 tour wins?  
Nice list, Thanks!
What I don't understand, is with Lance being the most recognized cyclist of his time, and one of the most of all time, how they wouldn't find evidence in testing him.  Unless they were using some kind of unknown performance booster, it just doesn't make sense.  With 7 tour titles, he had to be under the highest scrutiny of anyone, and he was clean every time.  
1. 2-3 2. 4 3. In my setup, a DAC has made the biggest improvement in sound 4. 24
Haven't been this addicted to a game in a LONG time, loved the first one and this one is even better!
I've owned both the HD595 and the HD-25-1 II.  I preferred the 25s over the 595s for MOST things, though the 595s were more comfortable, with a much more spacious sound from the open design.  The soundstage on the 25s is definitely smaller, but the low end impact was much better, and overall I thought they were much more fun to listen to.     YMMV
Just ordered the Peachtree Dac it, thanks for the tip on the Arcam!
Whelp, Schiit asgard on the way, pretty excited for it!  No i'm eyeing up the Arcam rDac to replace the Fiio...any of you guys have experience with how that pairs with the 700s?
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