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peachtree Decco65 and Martin Logan Motion 4s.  Had this setup for 8+months now and I still don't want to change anything...so it must be doing something right!
HD700, Decco65, and Martin Logan Motion 4s off to each side 
Well, I think I've finally settled into my final(for now) setup with the HD-700s.  Had a schiit Valhalla for 5 days now, liked the sound paired with my fiio, but it just wasn't quite there,  realized that with the price of the Dac-it which was on order and a few more bucks I could get the Decco65...so here we are.  Headphone section on it is fantastic, a lot more open and much cleaner sounding, and the amp section rocks it with my Martin Logan Motion 4s.  Also, these...
Hey guys, I've got my trusty Senn HD-595s for sale today...upgraded in a big way to the 700s, so its time for these to go to a new home! I've owned these for a few years, and they've gotten a LOT of use.  Functionally they sound great, no issues electronically what-so-ever.  Cosmetically and mechanically there are a couple things that could be better. They are cracking slightly on both sides where the cup meets the band, as pictured below. The left side no long...
I've got some k340s that I need to sell, upgraded a couple times since I last used these and they don't get any play time anymore. I'm not sure which model these are, but I will attach pictures of the drivers further down. I re-cabled these with some basic OFC wire a year or so back, the coiled cable developed a short at the plug. These have a valeurish earpad that I pulled off of some cheaper headphones I had lying around, very comfy! Overall condition I'd rate...
i stopped watching early in the 2nd season, is it worth giving it another go?
Exactly,  you can't turn a pony into a race horse with a few injections.  Armstrong is still a hell of an athlete, regardless of what he's being accused of, and giving credit to doping for all of his achievements is really the part that rubs me the wrong way...not so much whether he did dope or not.
Fair enough, but that's also 2 out of how many over 7 tour wins?  
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