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PM sent!
any interest in a two for one? Senn. HD700 and a pair of Dt1350?
I've had these for about a year, they are in good condition, with a little cosmetic wear here and there.  They come with the carrying case, and paperwork, but I lost the 1/4' threaded adapter...Price is for headphones and amp/dac.  Only selling because I picked up a set for Westone W30 for portable use and have HD700s for home...Pictures coming soon.
I know you said 800s, but I have a pair of 700s up for trade if you're interested in working out a me
Will look at all cash offers!
Any interest in adding some cash for some HD700s?  Shoot me a pm
Pics up!
Well, I think after a year of owning these its time for me to move on...I've loved the sound from the beginning and still do, but money is tight and I can't justify such an expensive set of headphones anymore.  They are in great condition, never left my desk.  There is one VERY small indentation in one of metal grills that I only JUST noticed while inspecting them for this post.  Will ship in the carrying box, though the sleeve and receipt have gone missing along the way....
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