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I know you said 800s, but I have a pair of 700s up for trade if you're interested in working out a me
Will look at all cash offers!
Any interest in adding some cash for some HD700s?  Shoot me a pm
Pics up!
Well, I think after a year of owning these its time for me to move on...I've loved the sound from the beginning and still do, but money is tight and I can't justify such an expensive set of headphones anymore.  They are in great condition, never left my desk.  There is one VERY small indentation in one of metal grills that I only JUST noticed while inspecting them for this post.  Will ship in the carrying box, though the sleeve and receipt have gone missing along the way....
Just got my 1350s in the mail today...initial impressions are great!  love the bass extension detail.  Obviously not as spacious sounding as my hd700s, but from what I remember of my hd25s i prefer these by far!   I seem to be in the lucky minority that these fit wonderfully as well!  
peachtree Decco65 and Martin Logan Motion 4s.  Had this setup for 8+months now and I still don't want to change it must be doing something right!
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