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anyone know of anywhere that sells it? Black is fine, different sizes would be nice. 
Some somber tunes tonight.     For best sound, set to 720p and full screen.
This is one of the few CD's that showed me the evident, but still minute, benefits of flac. Those electronic textures are just something else though. Not a big fan Ben's voice (a lot my friends listened to Death Cab, it kind of got old), but this album was great.   I'll be posting up more findings, as I now have the chance to relax and listen to my 400's all day in the office (while working here and there, hehe)
Great suggestion, even my 128 vbr's were great.    Now guys, If you can get your hands on a copy of The Postal Service's Give Up...     The bad part about this is you really do need the CD to hear the textures this album has to offer. Myspace is the best stream I've found (, but the CD with the HE400 is just outstanding.
Wierd, according to their site these are their P-series tips, which look to be slightly narrowed and elongated for deep insertion.    The ones in the auction I haven't seen before. Extremely interested in them though.
^^^Although I have not heard it, It sounds like the HD 25 is right up your alley. Your description seems to describe something that will be used on-the-go, have you considered IEMs?
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