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Indeed ! But ...      
Thanks a lot James, nothing to add here. Perfect example.
I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to, AFAIC I'm trying to be fairly consistent in my posting.   But anyway, in that particular case, the influence of output impedance is a simple math correlation. It's the same for player X or Y, not just the AK100, and there's no need to measure all IEMs when you can simply calculate the volume difference in dBs. That said, I don't think there has been such an extensive test with different iem models, so here's your answer.   My...
More importantly, the SQ gets a nice boost when using an amp with a low output impedance. As Anakchan and myself realized when trying the AK100, respectively with his MKIII and my Pico Slim.
Have you seen the graph that shows a roughly 12dB difference (in the treble) correlating to a 15 ohms difference in the output between the Nuforce and the EMU404 ? That should answer your question, IMHO.
Hahaha, Anak, you just can't resist, can you.Well at least, this is a better deal than the street price. Double amping obviously, not a big problem in my book. Have fun.
Agreed 100% on the flimsy part. I'm not buying a DAP for 900$+ that is made out of plastic, and feel as such.I don't know, maybe the F111 is good, being a FitEAR, but I feel that would be a step back from your 334TG. What would you do if one breaks ? Not now, but say in a few years ? Good luck finding something that fits the same purpose. To me this is not synergy, it's sweeping dirt under the carpet.As to the "real" synergy thing. Well anything properly designed should be...
So you went to try it this week-end, Anak ? Which amp did you try ?Told you it was ok through my Pico Slim Still way too expensive for a transport IMO, and even more a shame that they botched the amp section, as the DAC section is not bad. I'd begin considering it at the 25,000-30,000 price point, an only because of the form factor and the interface, over my T51.By the way, double amping isn't a bad thing per se. Particularly in that kind of cases where you can correct...
Actually the es55 has a fairly linear impedance curve. FR shouldn't suffer too much, but you might loose elsewhere (crosstalk, distortion). You should definitely try it before buying.
iRiver recommends the DAP for IEM's on their Korean page, it's only in the email a fellow head-fier received that they recommend headphones. If you still think they actually know what they are doing, be my guest .By the way, Audio Technicas have an impedance of 32 ohms for most of them, which makes them not the best pairing either. Same as IEMs.
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