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Currawong, I can bring the JRC2068 I'm not using to the heaphone festival in 2 weeks. I'm not using it right now. Just drop me a PM.
With regards to the battery life, the japanese pages are quoting the following :   FLAC/192kHz/24bit : 12Hrs FLAC/96kHz/24bit : 15hrs FLAC/44.1kHz/16bit : 16hrs MP3/128kbps : 20hrs   Looks like they tested quite thoroughly. Maybe you actually get as much as they say.
  Remember it's a manufacturer claim for the battery life of its own product ... I guess 12 hours is more accurate, but maybe different scenarios will yield better results. Using the digital out and reducing the analog out volume to zero for instance. I know it helps on my T51, but that might not be the case here.
I didn't bother copying the sounds specs, as everything is stated "No load". Might as well say that your car can do 200 MPH without a driver ...
I was only giving the battery playtime at 16/44.1. The max the player can do is 24/192.  
From what I can guess :   LI-Po battery, 2000mAh 3.7V, given for 16 hours of run time with 16bits/44.1kHz FLAC. Battery doesn't seem user serviceable, but the pics show screws, so it should be possible to open it fairly easily.   Dimensions and weight 59.2mm X 79mm X 14.4mm, 122g.   2.4" IPS screen   The overall design is very close to the H1X0/H3X0 series.
Qusp, your project is just mad . I've read snippets about it around here and the other forums, and it sounds great, albeit transportable rather than portable. If I had the same DIY skills I'd probably get into something like that. Hopefully I'll get to snatch a wire board in the GB, I'll keep working on getting skills of my own for now.
I have to say that I wish I had the DIY skills at the time of the Wire board GB. Maybe next year, assuming OCP release's another batch. The buffalo is a different story altogether as a (trans)portable DAC. You a mad man ! 
That was a long time ago Qusp
I assume that was the original intent, since they included a coax from the beginning. However, it's still unclear if they keep it after the reboot. We'll know soon enough I guess.   Quote:
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