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That was a long time ago Qusp
I assume that was the original intent, since they included a coax from the beginning. However, it's still unclear if they keep it after the reboot. We'll know soon enough I guess.   Quote:
Anaxilus is right on the money here I think. A leckerton + a transport with Coax out is just what you need.
The flaming part wasn't addressed to Anax in particular. Personally I don't care much for what's happening here, I have no dog in that fight and don't intend to engage one. Still it's always noteworthy when the Godwin point is getting close, and Anax got damn close here.
That thread almost reached a Godwin point, so I guess it was moderated to death.
Anax, you're assuming that Mengele had some results, while he actually didn't. Thought I'd put this here, next to the Godwin point you're getting close to. You can go back to the flaming now.
Thanks for the work Purrin, interesting as usual. According to that website, your math is correct.   Does anyone know the address of the web application for distortion ? There's always the tool at, but I'd like to try some other ones if possible.
Hi guys, I've just received my Leckerton UHA6S MKII and I think some of you need to try it. I'm especially thinking about Shigzeo and Arnaud, I'm sure you'll be both interested.
FYI, price new in Japan is a little more than 10,000JPY, or 120$ delivered, with Japan warranty. I don't want to be rude but for roughly the same price, anyone in Japan will go for the new unit.
Thanks Purrin, you picked my interest here.   [[SPOILER]]
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