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Thanks MP.   And got you, different side of the same coin I guess .    Edit : Taking the "Billie Jean" test right now (1982 version), I can see where you could be expecting a tiny little bit more treble.
Finally got some little head time with my 335s, and I'd like to concurr to most of what MP has said here. It also mirrors the impressions from my initial listening session. This is some serious music machine there.   As said earlier in the thread, FitEAR has their own way of creating the seal in the concha, and while I had doubts about the sound isolation it could provide, I am delighted to say it's very effective AND extremely comfortable. I have a been partial to...
  It is true.
Check this page from Sensaphonics :   I'm not in the City of Lights, rather in a more remote place actually.
Much appreciated, Nickif. I'll chime in, once I've received my unit.   Are you located close to Tokyo ? It wouldn't be a problem to come by FitEAR in Ginza and ask for a check. Are you getting a good fit with your customs ? You could try the Sensaphonics seal tests, to make sure everything's ok on that side.   I'm pretty sure the drivers are checked electrically to make sure the system is up to the standards, before being integrated in the ear pieces. After that, it's...
I'm still waiting for my 335 (they should be on the way now, according to FitEAR), but my listening session's results with the universal units are not agreeing with Nickif's first post.   The 334's amount of bass isn't that far off from the 335's, however there's a slight upper/mid-bass bump that gets in the way of the mids. By contrast, the 335's double bass driver configuration gives a better delineated bass contour. My comment to Mr. Suyama was "bass is definitely...
You know how it goes. Too much stuff to try anyway. But yeah, you're not the one to be too interested in a 2 years old player, are you ?  Has to be new and shiny !
the thing is, Anak, those are still stratosphericly high prices. Next time we meet, you should try my T51. Just to compare with something that's worth less than 200$. I probably won't convince you, but that should make for an interesting test.
Best piece of advice around here.
I'll have to agree with that.
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