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Seriously ? I'll point out another word you can look for in google to try and understand : DAC monotonicity. After that you're on your own. Goodbye
Sorry Prot, you're wrong.
I already pointed you towards the right track some posts ago. Do some research on Dac accuracy, it's part of the specs, and expressed in LSB INL.   The dac chip chosen by MM is accurate to 1ppm IIRC.
Nope, the results from the dac chip itself are an approximation, that's the way the Delta-Sigma process works. Oversampling is a trick used to reduce the range of the approximation, but it's still inaccurate, only to a lower extent.
How about you read the thread from the beginning and try to understand where the OP is coming from ? This thread started as pcm vs dsd, not sd vs r2r. Even Currawong said it.   How about trying to get an idea how DAC chips actually work, and the radical difference between the mathematical results of each chip ? You must know that DS chip actually approximate their results which means that they are inherently innacurate right ? Are you familiar with the GiGo principle in...
@diamondears, I suggest you do a bit of reading on dac linearity and accuracy, as hinted by Purrin. It should give an idea on why MM decided to go R2R/String, instead of slapping a Sabre implementation together.   Here you go : https://www.google.fr/search?q=dac+linearity&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=jwhPVYe8J4G1UNG6gOgF   By the way, most of the useful info on the Sabre is under NDA, including the accuracy numbers. Strange isn't it ?
You must be new here ...
Never tried the toslink, so I have no idea how good it is on the benchmark. Any decent converter should give you galvanic isolation though. I personally use a diy card, with a linear psu, and never had trouble with static or interference.
Just get a good usb to coax converter, and feed data to your benchmark through coax. You'll thank me later. The usb input on the benchmark is but an afterthought.
You're free to try and contact the EU importer in UK. It's Absolute Sounds in London, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up. 
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