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Just get a good usb to coax converter, and feed data to your benchmark through coax. You'll thank me later. The usb input on the benchmark is but an afterthought.
You're free to try and contact the EU importer in UK. It's Absolute Sounds in London, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up. 
Sorry can't help you. I haven't heard either.
1- Transistors matched in the analog section2- Improved filter topology3- Improved clocks4-Improved algorythm
Manual doesn't say. Maybe Mike remembers.
To be completely fair, the analog stage of the Theta Gen V is always on. The front is only for the digital stage. Hence it's always on, as plenty of other units from different manufacturers. What people think is an on/off switch is actually a mute switch in a lot of cases.
Thanks for the update Alex. I'm eagerly waiting for Rag to become available at Schiit-europe.
All good then.
Too bad your hd800 is still away :D , but stax ain't so bad either
I'm using my benchmark as the amp. I can see faces cringing already, but no the benchmark isn't that bad. Especially the HDR with the LM4562, which I have. Anyway, I have a Rag incoming this month, whenever it's back in stock this side of the pond. That said, I'm expecting a fairly large increase, coming from Theta rca single-ended on the DAC1 to xlr balanced on the Rag.
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