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Schiit happens ...
I'll tell that to Paulet, Damblanc and Tsiolkovski.
Funny, right ...
I like when someone knows how to take it the right way :D
Yeah and sputnik was in space thanks to the metric system before that. By the way the germans whom 'murica poached to get their rockets working where also using metric. But I guess your engineer were good at translating in schiit-tons of powaaa.
Funny, because the details are there, but the treble is definitely not emphasized compared to the DAC1. As to the test, it's your claim, not mine. I personally don't need it. 
Details and ambiance cues are not a coloration, but regardless, if you consider there's a coloration, how would it be possible to not hear a difference ?
how much money are you willing to bet ? Set the test, I'll take it. Hint, I have a Dac1 hdr and a theta dspro genV
We already suggested that, but it didn't seem to be satisfying unfortunately.
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