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Sorry about the confusion, everything will be back to normal after thursday
Sorry, been very busy lately.   The meet is supposed to begin around 11:00 AM on Thursday at Alvis Audio, but given the problems with the train this week I'm not expecting many people to come.
Thanks !   I realize it's not so close to Paris, but the location was already decided, so I can only invite people to come. However this is still a great opportunity to listen to and discuss with Mr. Suyama directly.
Hi there,   Don't want to hijack the thread, but I thought it might interest people in here. Mr. Suyama from FitEAR is coming to Paris on july 18th, and offering to make a mini-event. I created a separate thread so anyone interested can see there or PM me.   See you
Dear all,   Mr. Suyama of FitEAR, in Tokyo, will be coming to Paris next month, on July 18th and is offering to make a mini-event to meet fellow head-fiers from France/Europe. I realize this is some kind of a short notice, but if anyone would like to give the FitEAR gear a listen first hand (334TG, 333 and 335 custom shells between others), while discussing with the designer, this is the perfect occasion.   Planned location is the headquarters of Alvis Audio in...
Skoog, I think you might like it given your past purchases, but anyway try the universal at the spring festival if you can. It's fairly faithful to the final result, and you'll have a clear image of what to expect for that amount of cash. You can see later whether it's worth it or not.
Pretty sure you can if you pass by. If not, Fujiya or E-earphone isn't far anyway.
Thanks MP.   And got you, different side of the same coin I guess .    Edit : Taking the "Billie Jean" test right now (1982 version), I can see where you could be expecting a tiny little bit more treble.
Finally got some little head time with my 335s, and I'd like to concurr to most of what MP has said here. It also mirrors the impressions from my initial listening session. This is some serious music machine there.   As said earlier in the thread, FitEAR has their own way of creating the seal in the concha, and while I had doubts about the sound isolation it could provide, I am delighted to say it's very effective AND extremely comfortable. I have a been partial to...
  It is true.
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