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I bought these headphones last week and really dissapointed in the quality control of them.   1st set had a noisy cup and would sqeak from just wearing them so i swapped them. 2nd set had a buzzing sound from the left can, so i swapped them again.   3rd now that I have now are fine but the left headphone rubs just a tad when you swivel in and out the headphone piece. Does anyone have this problem? The right side doesnt rub at all.   I was thinking about sanding the...
I ended up deciding this yesterday. Puckered up and paid the big bucks for a double din in the car and will keep the A17 for work. Get the best of both worlds. Even though it wasnt terrible, using a DAP just felt awkward in the car. Plus I didnt want a $300 player sitting in the car all the time and would most likely die a quick death. At least car head units can forsure handle the heat and cold. I just have to buy a safe with a keylock on it so I can store this A17 at...
Not so much wear and tear but just it gets tedious when you do it plug in and unplug 2-3 times a day during the week. Ideally, this is why I want to have a DAP to keep in the car 24,7.  Would love to have two A17s but Im trying to justify having two. Im sure people are wondering why Im using a DAP for in my car and not using an actual car head unit. Well because I would want only a double din and in my price budget, the chances of find a unit that puts out sound quality...
Yes just out of the headphone out.
Thats what i was thinking too.to get the most use out of it,this is the way to go. But i prefer to not have to keep plugging and unplugging. Ill keep the E walkman as backup in my glove bo. For the times that i forget to bring in the A17 (which will happen...alot).
Thats what Im leaning towards but the A17 hooked up through aux in my car just sounds sooo good haha. Would love to have two of these, (one for work, one for the car) but its overkill and a waste of money.
Crazy question, but sound quality wise how does this A17 compare to the E series (E385 specifically)?   I picked up both (the E first cause it was only $100) and I was looking for a cheap sony walkman for my car stereo. I had a crazy sound system in my old car but in this new car I decided that the stock speakers are good enough for me (they actually sound quite good) and will not drop the big bucks on putting my old system back in so I sold off my system.   A week...
Im just waiting for a good price on the F series.  Is the A series you listed the same?  Whats the difference?  Size is a huge factor to me  and why I loved the x1000 so much.  I dont watch videos or use wifi on my PMP, all I use it for is music so i dont need a 5" screen.  its nice but id sacrifice that for more compact form.
I just find it big, I usually carry my PMP in my coat or pant pocket.  The Z takes up my entire coat left pocket.  I think the sharp corners doesnt help when taking out/putting in.    Lately ive just been using it around the house and havent been taking it out.  I used to have the x1000 and much prefer that size, it was super compact i could wear it in a shirt pocket and miss the hard fwd/rew buttons.
How much does the F series go for now?    Honestly as much as I love the Z WM, the thing is just too damn big when commuting.  I really miss the size and portability of my X1000 and it having hard fwd/rew buttons.
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