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Im just waiting for a good price on the F series.  Is the A series you listed the same?  Whats the difference?  Size is a huge factor to me  and why I loved the x1000 so much.  I dont watch videos or use wifi on my PMP, all I use it for is music so i dont need a 5" screen.  its nice but id sacrifice that for more compact form.
I just find it big, I usually carry my PMP in my coat or pant pocket.  The Z takes up my entire coat left pocket.  I think the sharp corners doesnt help when taking out/putting in.    Lately ive just been using it around the house and havent been taking it out.  I used to have the x1000 and much prefer that size, it was super compact i could wear it in a shirt pocket and miss the hard fwd/rew buttons.
How much does the F series go for now?    Honestly as much as I love the Z WM, the thing is just too damn big when commuting.  I really miss the size and portability of my X1000 and it having hard fwd/rew buttons.
Why too big?    I guess its pretty hard to find a current phone out that matches the Z for SQ hey?
How does the HTC DNA sound compard to iphone 4?
Lots tell me their iphone 4 sounds the best.    I laugh.
I heard the Xperia has matched SQ no?    What about the Xperia Arc?
I love IEMs and have been using them for years but theres times where I feel uneasy with them, especially when commuting.  I always worry about the rubber tips popping off (which they have before and it sucks cause no tip = no use for the headphones til i get home to put a new one on).  Now only that but the tips can be a pain in the ass ordering new ones from time to time.  I also feel uneasy about putting them in my pocket in fear of squishing the cable or dust or lint...
Im hating commuting with the Z1050, the thing is just too bloody big!  I miss the X1000 compact size, i could do without the large screen to have increased portability.  Taking it out of pockets is a nousense, it just seems so much larger than my iphone 4.  I have to have a dedicated pocket just for this cause its so big haha.   This is why I kinda wish I had a set of cans too cause I always feel uncomfortable pushing my IEMs in a pocket cause dust can get inside or...
I personally use eyeglass cleaner.
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