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Driver mismatch is 100% build quality/quality control issues. They should never leave the factory, warehouse or whatever with big differences like that. Covered by warranty or not, I could maybe accept it in a $100 headphone but if you think that's acceptable in a $1,700 headphone then I am not going to get my point across to you. $1,700 is damn near the most expensive currently in production headphone out there. It should set the bar for how companies handle build and...
I don't recall anyone here talking about the sound quality, but rather the build quality. Huge deviations in drivers shouldn't be accepted in $100 headhones and they certainly shouldnt be acceptable in $2,000 headphones, the same goes for the pads. For $2,000 that headphone better be measured to tight specifications with nearly perfect driver matching and nearly perfect pad matching. I was able to hear an LCD-X the other day and thought they sounded fine, but in the back...
Yeah, I'm still trying to fully enjoy them
From what I was told, the 1 and 2 are near the same while the 3 is a truly new model.
I may or may not be the first in the US. Maybe?  Anyway, it seems rather neutral from mids to highs with a slight bass warmth. Lots of power.
Pros: Price to quality ratio, clarity, channel separation, ability to use solely as a DAC or amp, lightweight, low heat output, compact, DSD Cons: Power output may not be enough for inefficient orthos. Tone: Slightly brighter than neutral. Cost at Time of Review: With WiFi module $530, without WiFi module $400   Reviewing Process I have had the U200 for approximately 1 month and have used the unit with a variety of headphones for at least 3 hours each before...
I prefer the sound of the Ad2000 over the HD650 and the Ad2000x. I will be doing a full comparison with the Ad2000x soon as well as with the HD600.
Thanks for reading! Thanks! I agree with your assessment. I love how musical they are!
I understand your view, but a $2,000 headphone should not have these inconsistencies with the frequency response in the treble and neither should it have those issues with the pads.
imo the ad2000 is more musical and engaging as well as quicker.
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