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 They remind me a lot of the Audio Technica Ad2000, though not as quick or bright.
 It's okay, I should have a review in a week or so where people can also discuss it and get it locked =D On the real though, I just finished my review section for the velour pads, leather pads next. I won't be able to do any listening until Monday though. 
He's saying the LCD-X is uncomfortable. One thing I'm noticing is that low-level listening is great with the PM-1. Something I rarely notice in a headphone.
In vocal forward songs I find that the midbass can get lost. That's about my only complaint thus far.
Just wrapping up the half of my review for the velour pads, I'll likely have it finished by Sunday, but I'm also adding a section for the leather pads, so next Sunday I should have a full write up. I think I've found a flaw though, which I can not say that I've experienced in any headphone. The mids are rather forward and I find that they sometimes cover up the midbass. I imagine that it's due to the forward mids and neutral bass. 
 The problem is that you guys are clogging up a thread based on one guys measurements which can't even be compared to known headphones. The measurements are worthless without a known base. Give it a rest for a bit because you're all arguing about "what ifs" and making assumptions based on one chart. Take a minute to relax, it's just a headphone anyway. If you don't like it then you don't have to buy it. Heck Oppo has a 30 day policy, how about listening instead of looking...
 I can't comment on them for comparison, sorry.
I know I've posted impressions so far, and I hope others chime in, but so far I find that Jazz and EDM work really well with these. 
Now for those of you wondering about the highs, they aren't as forward as I initially thought. I'm listening to Pink Floyd's Money which has a semi-forward saxophone and electric guitar solo, nothing reach extremely high, but I feel that they aren't as forward as I would like. Keep in mind I love bright headphones though. The guitar and saxophone are very clean, prominent, and easily discerned/well textured, but they don't sparkle.    Edit: Keep in mind this is with the...
 I'm 26. My quick impressions of the PM-1 have been that the bass feels weighty, controlled, and well-extended. The texture and detail is fantastic on the PM-1 for the bass. The mids are slightly forward with a warm and full natural sound. Listening to Portishead's Glory Box the vocals are incredibly satisfying. Hell, the entire song is perfect for the genre. Highs are nicely controlled in my brief listenings to horns and such. I fired up Steely Dan's Aja album for my...
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