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I wouldn't say ruined. I think that the sound is great outside of the forward upper midrange. I only heard the original briefly so I can't comment too much on the sound differences between the two. I think they should have changed the name though.
  Pros: Build quality, performance to cost ratio, isolation. Cons: Moderate sibilance and peaky upper mids. Tonal Balance: Moderate v-shaped signature Style: Closed over-ear Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (FLAC) -> Matrix M-Stage HPA-3U Price: $80 on Amazon.   Reviewing Process I’ve had the Pro80 for near a month now and during my time I feel that I am familiar enough with the sound to share my opinion. With that said this review is my opinion and I encourage...
Did you install the drivers?
They're being shipped out to reviewers/testers soon, should have impressions before September. 
Yeah, they are like my A900/A900x, they'll never be sold.
 The internals appear to be a bit different. 
  Pros: Solid construction, removable cable, great fit, soundstage, treble and bass extension. Cons: Odd shape may cause fit issues, cable tangling issues, sibilance, upper mid spike, veil/grain in lower mids/mid-bass. Tonal Balance: U-shaped with more emphasis on the upper mids than midbass. Style: Over-ear IEMs Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (FLAC) -> Matrix HPA-3U Cost: $220 on Indiegogo   Reviewing Process I’ve had the LIFE IEM for over a month in which I have...
Would love to help beta test these if you're not filled.
Finished my review of the HPA-3U, check it out! http://www.head-fi.org/t/770610/introducing-the-matrix-m-stage-hpa-3u-and-hpa-3b-review-to-follow#post_11666157
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