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 Thank you for your kind words and it's not a problem. I didn't know it was a rule. 
 The PM-1 are near perfect for me. If they have a more open sound while maintaining the mids/lows then I would be ecstatic. I don't know if I'll ever get the bass response I want with the airy sound of the Ad900 though.
I get his point, but there's always bias. Free gear bias and purchasing bias. One could argue either way. I personally feel that if I spent $300+ on a pair of headphones I'd be more inclined to look for the good in them since it's my money.
 You're seeming very harsh. I did not know that this was a rule. It'll be done in a moment.
 They were free.
DougD, great write-up there. Thanks for sharing your views.
 I thought about it. My review was even set-up for that. I then decided that the differences were so minute that it wasn't worth it. Overall the velours feel a bit bigger in the low-end and a tad more closed off. I imagine that as the velours break in more this will become a bit bigger in the low end, but not too drastically. 
 I'll try and satisfy you in any way I can, but I don't think that my view will ever fully satisfy you since my experience is mostly with headphones and IEMs around the $300 range. Let me know what I can do and I'll do my best.  Well I'm not a professional photographer nor do I have a set-up that is available for clean pictures. I do my reviews with what I have available. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't satisfactory to your liking.  Thank you for the kind words. It...
 If you want to send me your LCD2, HE6 and etc to compare then I'll gladly compare them. I don't have those headphones so my review is coming from a mid-fi enthusiast and experienced headphone reviewer. Take that as you will.
 Thanks! I spent a lot of time with the PM-1 during beta and felt that any burn-in I would experience would be pad based and I don't feel that it's necessary to wait to review a headphone due to that kind of break in. The sound of the beta to retail is more refined and a bit brighter, from memory, but I never once noticed driver burn-in, which is why I had the review out so quickly.  Cheers! Edit: That seems out of the blue, but I know some people feel a bit weird against...
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