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Would love to help beta test these if you're not filled.
Finished my review of the HPA-3U, check it out! http://www.head-fi.org/t/770610/introducing-the-matrix-m-stage-hpa-3u-and-hpa-3b-review-to-follow#post_11666157
Review posted on post #2! 
Item being sold is listed in title, comes with USB cable and power cable. Item has less than 100 hours used and is being shipped in working order. Price includes shipping to USA and payment accepted through PayPal. Please add 3% fees for non-gift. Item is being sold at 1/2 price of retail due to issues listed below. issues USB has mild emi which is prevalent when cpu is being stressed. There is no emi through spdif or Optical as tested on 2 systems. If you do not have...
Selling my mint conditioned wooden Audio Technica W1000x. No blemishes on these anywhere that I see and all of the wood is pristine. Selling due to medical issues. Will accept payment through PayPal which includes shipping.
Driver mismatch is 100% build quality/quality control issues. They should never leave the factory, warehouse or whatever with big differences like that. Covered by warranty or not, I could maybe accept it in a $100 headphone but if you think that's acceptable in a $1,700 headphone then I am not going to get my point across to you. $1,700 is damn near the most expensive currently in production headphone out there. It should set the bar for how companies handle build and...
I don't recall anyone here talking about the sound quality, but rather the build quality. Huge deviations in drivers shouldn't be accepted in $100 headhones and they certainly shouldnt be acceptable in $2,000 headphones, the same goes for the pads. For $2,000 that headphone better be measured to tight specifications with nearly perfect driver matching and nearly perfect pad matching. I was able to hear an LCD-X the other day and thought they sounded fine, but in the back...
Yeah, I'm still trying to fully enjoy them
From what I was told, the 1 and 2 are near the same while the 3 is a truly new model.
I may or may not be the first in the US. Maybe?  Anyway, it seems rather neutral from mids to highs with a slight bass warmth. Lots of power.
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