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 My review is amped with the Oppo HA-1, but I found the Sansa Clip+ sounded fine with the P7.
I find the HD650 and P7 to be different headphones. Both pleasurable for different reasons. I think the P7 are the overall more effortless headphones though.
 I'd love to hear this as well.
 Not stock, but it's definitely not necessary at all as the HA-1 can barely power them without going overboard on volume.  For sure!  Thanks for sharing! 
Oh man, I wish I could afford these.
Excellent price for top notch IEMs.
 Maybe my opinions will change in a few months then! I know that I'll be using them a lot.
  Pros: Sturdy build, removable pads, removable cable, inline mic, controlled bass, lively upper mids, clean sound, spacious sound for a closed headphone, forgiving of mediocre recording. Cons: Proprietary cable and pads, cable feels cheap, sub-bass is inconsistent, mid-blass bleeds. Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Warm with a bright edge Accesories: 3.5mm cable with inline mic, 3.5mm cable, leather carrying pouch and 1/4’’ inch adaptor. Listening Set-Up:...
Jesus Christmas. This is fantastic.
  Pros: Comfort, build quality, removable cable, inline mic/remote, fun energetic sound. Cons: Lacking detail and clarity, mid-bass is muddy, sound leaks too much for portable use Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Bass heavy Listening Set-Up: MusicBee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: $300   Reviewing Process During the time that I’ve had these I have burned in the drivers for at least 40 hours by having music play through them at normal volumes while...
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