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I mean it looks nice, but the packaging means nothing at all, especially if you're not sold in high-profile stores. Your entire basis is based off the sound. No one on Head-Fi is going to buy these or care about them based on the packaging if the sound is mediocre.    You guys make competent headphones that people love. This comes off as a shallow marketing attempt to get people excited about your IEMs, when in reality people are going to be excited about them no matter...
I'm confused, is that an AK100, or AK120?
Great looking IEMs!
Solid IEMs, built well and beautiful. Customer support seems solid too.
    Hey guys, I’ve had my Sansa Clip Zip and Clip+ for a few months now. They’ve seen some wear and tear and have made me completely forget about my old iPod so I figured I would share some thoughts and compare these two budget workhorses. The Clip+ and Zip have both been Rockboxed and have seen about the same amount of usage. This review/comparison is nothing more than my opinion and should be taken as such.   Capactiy: Draw   Both the Zip and Clip+ top out at...
I'd like to work out a trade for the ADDIEMS. Must be in like-new condition.   Shoot me a PM if you have these.
Sent them to rs01 two days ago. I have tracking but left it in my car. They should be there by now though.
Shipped today to rs01
 Did this, waiting to hear back. I've had the HE560 longer than they should have ever been and I apologize for that. It's been a hectic week and the mix-up with the post office didn't help things. I greatly apologize to Justin from HeadAmp for this. With that said it's time to share my thoughts and ship these out.  Impressions time: Build Quality/Wearing Experience Let's be honest here, I don't think that any of us are impressed with the build quality. When I was taking...
Thanks, sorry guys for the huge delays in receiving these and shipping them. I'll have them out Wednesday. Sorry for nay hold up/inconvenience. 
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