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Mp3 LAME V0, save more space!
 Thanks for your kind words to you and conquerator2 about my review. As for your purchase, I've not heard the LCD2 but I don't think that anyone should regret purchasing them or the HD800 or whatever the choose. I'm sure they are absolutely phenomenal headphones in their own regards. Too many people get wrapped up in the opinions of others and get "grass is greener" syndrome. It happens in the beer world with rare beer releases also. Just enjoy what you've got! Remember we...
 That's good to hear. When I had my RE0 they only had, to my knowledge, one person on their customer service team handling everything.  Anyway, I forgot this is an impressions thread...Let's get back to it!
 From my personal experiences with HiFiMan and my research all it takes is a customer service team that responds within 24 hours to be better than HiFiMan. I waited 48 hours with my RE0 that always fell apart. I last checked the HiFiMan CS reputation threads a year ago and I wasn't the only one with huge build concerns and even worse customer service.  Things may have changed, I hope they have, because the products I've tried have sounded great. 
 I don't think that is fair at all. I was chosen because I was recommended by an anonymous name who is big in the Head-Fi crowd. I don't know how the others were chosen but some of them had much more experience than me with TOTL headphones while others had similar experience. I know that not everyone has come out of the woodwork, but I know that many of the people have much more experience than I do. I also feel that your choice in words minimizes my contributions, which I...
 As much as I'd absolutely love to try some HiFi Man products I agree. I've not heard great things about build quality or their customer service.  This is just what I've heard though, it's not a fact.
 The "Hit the Nail on the Head" is slightly clickbait, which every review you'll ever read is going to use in some way. It's also partially due to the fact that Oppo really did put out a great headphone their first try through a very thorough beta test. I've never heard the LCD2 but they're on a second revision with 2 other higher-end versions that some people have compared the PM-1 to, with some thinking the PM-1 are better. That's hitting the nail on the head in my...   Read em up boys.
 People say every headphone breaks-in over the course of 100+ hours. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. Tyll studied this in the Q701 which many people notoriously stated they hugely changed during burn-in and the results were inconclusive. The changes seemed minute, but it could easily have been the pads breaking in or headphone positioning differences.  Anyway, I haven't experienced any noticed burn-in with any beta or the retail. 
 I don't find one difference between 0 hours and the 200+ I had on both betas, the same is holding true for the retail I have with over 100 hours.  Psychological burn-in, sure. My brain needed time to adjust, that's about it.
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