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Definitely going to show this to my friend who does filming. The iPhone 6 seems to have an excellent camera, seems good enough to make amateur movies if you wanted. This would definitely add to the quality for budding budget amateurs.    Edit: Never thought about it for recording shows. The sound is definitely a huge step-up from the standard internal smartphone mic. A little compressed sounding, but I'd buy one if I had an iPhone since I go to a lot of shows.
  Pros: Build quality, clean neutral leaning sound with stock tubes, high quality DAC, compact size, versatility due to tube rolling, plenty of power. Cons: Heavy, tubes eventually burn out, warm-up time. Cost at Time of Review: $1,100 with upgraded tubes   Reviewing Process I’ve spent a lot of time with the WA7 with a myriad of headphones from the Koss PortaPro to the Sennheiser HD650 while comparing the WA7 to the Oppo HA-1. The comparisons are done using AB...
I recently got a pair and have driven them with a Woo Audio WA7 with the stock Sovtek tubes as well as the Electro Harmonix tubes, and the Oppo HA-1. I think the WA7+EH tubes is the best, but I don't love the headphones. I think they suit stuff like Tame Impala the best, but outside of that I'm not sold.
Shoot me a PM if you're interested in trades. 
If you're considering trades then shoot me a PM.
 My review is amped with the Oppo HA-1, but I found the Sansa Clip+ sounded fine with the P7.
I find the HD650 and P7 to be different headphones. Both pleasurable for different reasons. I think the P7 are the overall more effortless headphones though.
 I'd love to hear this as well.
 Not stock, but it's definitely not necessary at all as the HA-1 can barely power them without going overboard on volume.  For sure!  Thanks for sharing! 
Oh man, I wish I could afford these.
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