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 Am I reading correctly that you boosted the signal 24dB?
 That's really a shame that some people consider a can that is comparable to the LCD-2/LCD-X to be undesirable because it doesn't need $1,000 amplifiers to fully enjoy it. If the PM-1 are contenders to the LCD-2 with a Schiit Magni, while people claim the LCD-2 needs better amping, that makes my ears perk up. I guess some people have money to spare and prefer to make $1,000 headphones sound like $1,100 headphones. Meanwhile I'd rejoice since I could recoup some funds and...
 I have not. I probably should have quantified my statement, but the LUF-4B do have great bass. Not near what something like the PM-1 can output in terms of quality and quantity (it's hard for an IEM to output what a full-sized can) but they've certainly held their own.
I think what a lot of people neglect when comparing the PM-1 to other TOTL is how easily driven they are. That clearly makes them a great value in comparison to other headphones where people claim to only get them to their potential when spending $2,000 or so, total (including amp/DAC). Some might say that the PM-1 are at a loss because they don't scale, but if they are comparable to the LCD2 and LCD-X without the necessary amplification for them then doesn't that make...
 Unfortunately I only had them on loan. I do not have them anymore.
 Is it important to you? If so make an excel spreadsheet now and add me to the list. 
 I listen to a wide variety of music and I've loved hip-hop, trip-hop, warm jazz, and EDM the most on them. I've enjoyed other genres also, but I feel the strengths lie there.
 I've owned the Ad900, HD598, LEAR LUF-4B, Mad Dogs, and Ad2000. I've demoed the HD650, DT880 and K701. That is a short list of headphones that I've owned or demod and will gladly answer to more questions about my experience. Edit: retracted as it's off-topic.
 Thank you for your kind words and it's not a problem. I didn't know it was a rule. 
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