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Did you install the drivers?
They're being shipped out to reviewers/testers soon, should have impressions before September. 
Yeah, they are like my A900/A900x, they'll never be sold.
 The internals appear to be a bit different. 
  Pros: Solid construction, removable cable, great fit, soundstage, treble and bass extension. Cons: Odd shape may cause fit issues, cable tangling issues, sibilance, upper mid spike, veil/grain in lower mids/mid-bass. Tonal Balance: U-shaped with more emphasis on the upper mids than midbass. Style: Over-ear IEMs Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (FLAC) -> Matrix HPA-3U Cost: $220 on Indiegogo   Reviewing Process I’ve had the LIFE IEM for over a month in which I have...
Would love to help beta test these if you're not filled.
Finished my review of the HPA-3U, check it out! http://www.head-fi.org/t/770610/introducing-the-matrix-m-stage-hpa-3u-and-hpa-3b-review-to-follow#post_11666157
Review posted on post #2! 
Item being sold is listed in title, comes with USB cable and power cable. Item has less than 100 hours used and is being shipped in working order. Price includes shipping to USA and payment accepted through PayPal. Please add 3% fees for non-gift. Item is being sold at 1/2 price of retail due to issues listed below. issues USB has mild emi which is prevalent when cpu is being stressed. There is no emi through spdif or Optical as tested on 2 systems. If you do not have...
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