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 Thanks for reading!  Thanks for sharing your views! I'll agree the sound is a little too thick/rolled off compared to something more quick and bright, but I only feel that way when comparing them to something like the Ad2000.  I would get the money difference. I believe the SD-2 to be the better IEM.
 Ah, sorry for that!  Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions!  I do not know, but thanks!
Item is like new in box with all original accessories. Pictures upon request. Will ship CONUS for free. Buyer pays 3% paypal or sends as gift.   Edit: Whoa, I got blown up. Sorry guys it's sold.
 Aren't they a Russian based company? I may be confusing them with the headphone manufacturers if they are a different company.
Barely used, includes the original box. Shipping to CONUS only. Buyer pays 3% PayPal or sends as gift. Pictures upon request, these things are like brand new though.   Edit: Would consider trades for Audio Technica products. 
 Unfortunately I don't trust Fischer for customer service reasons.  The only other "high-end" IEMs I have experience with are the LEAR LUF-4B, Heir Tzar 350 and the InEar SD-3, at least as far as things over $350 are concerned. Even so, I find myself veyr picky about sound and the SD-2 are the only IEM over $300 to gain my full approval, whatever weight that holds. 
  Pros: Great Fit, build quality, cable quality, resolution, clarity, overall sound quality, removable wax filters Cons: Lack of tips, potential fit problems, cable is hard to remove Style: Over-Ear shallow to medium insertion IEMs. Tonal Balance: Mildly warm leaning balanced Listening Set-Up: MusicBee (WASAPI) -> Oppo HA-1, Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed), Sansa Clip Zip (Rockboxed) Cost at time of Review: $449 at Otojoy.   Reviewing Process The SD-2 have had music...
    Pros: Inline microphone, microphone offers good voice quality, bass carries weight cleanly. Cons: Fit isn’t intuitive, bulky IEM shape, microphonics, comfort is mediocre, highs are sibilant, mids are recessed, poor for low volume listening. Style: Cable down shallow to medium insertion IEMs Tonal Balance: V-Shaped Listening Set-Up: Sansa Clip Zip (Rockboxed), Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed), Musicbee (Wasapi) -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: $50 MSRP, found on...
I mean it looks nice, but the packaging means nothing at all, especially if you're not sold in high-profile stores. Your entire basis is based off the sound. No one on Head-Fi is going to buy these or care about them based on the packaging if the sound is mediocre.    You guys make competent headphones that people love. This comes off as a shallow marketing attempt to get people excited about your IEMs, when in reality people are going to be excited about them no matter...
I'm confused, is that an AK100, or AK120?
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