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 Yeah, I don't think that they will get much press here, but I think that they're pretty interesting. As for the DSD and other stuff that's in the headphones, I'm honestly not sure how that interacts when plugged into my HA-1. Today I'm going to try it from my Sansa Clip Zip and see. I think the DAC in it is mostly used in conjunction with the app which allows EQ changing over bluetooth or something. I'm not entirely sure.
 I'm about 30 minutes in so don't take too much from this, but the sound signature seems relatively balanced, perhaps even a bit sub-bass shy without the haptic. With the haptic on it's definitely night and day difference though.
  Full disclosure these were given to me as a review sample. I will also note that I've been a fan of Alpine in my car for a long time.    These just arrived and after a quick photo shoot I've begun to give them some head time! I've only got about 20 minutes use so my comments on sound aren't going to hold much weight but I can comment on the build!   Aesthetically the Alpine's remind me a lot of the Monster DNA Over-Ear, albeit less glossy. The headband itself is...
Bump for fantastic IEMs!
  Pros: Secure in ears, in-line mic/remote, clean bass, powerful upper mid-range, soundstage and imaging Cons: Microphonics are below average, bass lacks impact, recessed lower mids, can't find a source to buy these. Style: Cable down shallow insertion sport IEMs. Tonal Balance: V-shaped Listening Set-Up: Musicbee -> Oppo HA-1, Sansa Clip Zip Cost at Time of Review: $80, I can not find a reliable source though.   Reviewing Process The CKX7iS have had at least 40...
 The cables that fit into the SD2 are very common, so really it's just a matter of finding a company you trust at a price you agree with.
 I agree. I could see someone wanting a bit more of some aspect here, but as a whole this is a near complete package. 
I should have mentioned it in my review but I haven't changed my filters since they are still good. You have to buy a $30 kit that comes with more wax guards per ear than you'll ever need. I am making a video right now on how to remove and place them back in. It's super easy.    Edit: Okay so my camera isn't great for video, I couldn't get it to focus where I wanted it so I took pictures instead:   Step 1: Take your provided wax guard tool from the kit. Grab it with...
 The Sd-2/Sd-3 simply felt more secure and comfortable in my ears.
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