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Oh my lord. I wish i had money to buy all of these new Audio Technica offerings.
Thanks for reading! Love the Spirited Away avatar!
Thanks for reading!
I would like to. I have reviewed the 350i and am in the process of reviewing the T20.
Yup, all subjective. I think the MSR7 is a great portable headphone at the price it's at though.
Yeah the jack would be better suited with something more traditional, but it would throw off the beautiful aesthetics. At least the cable hasn't crapped out on me yet.
  Pros: Stylish aesthetics, removable cable, musicality. Cons: Shouty upper mids, rolled off treble, sluggish midbass. Tonal Balance: Mild v-shape Style: Closed circumaural Listening Set-up: Musicbee (WASAPI/FLAC) -> Matrix HPA-3U Cost at Time of Review: $220   Reviewing Process I’ve had the MSR7 for approximately a month with daily use being primarily for light jogs through a quiet neighborhood while plugged into my Sansa Clip Zip. I have spent a great deal of...
Any thoughts?
Bump for an awesome headphone!
Thanks! I really dig the Vibro as you can tell! If you haven't heard it I really hope you get some extended time to try them out!
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