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I have the HD600 and think that the HD600 has more engaging mids, though the R70x has better clarity and detail. The high impedance of the R70x should allow them to pair nicely with the Crack. As for your last question that's impossible to answer because it's subjective.
$91 for the A900x makes them a necessary headphone to own imo.
I haven't heard the new DT1770, but I have read reviews of it. They don't seem be comparable headphones. The DT1770 being closed and v-shaped and the R70x being open and neutral.
If I recall correctly the A900x debuted around $200, and a year or so later they moved to the $150-$180 price range with the used market gravitating towards $130-$150.
Just posted my R70x review.
    Pros: Sturdy build, secure/light, clean and balanced sound, accurate and wide soundstage. Cons: The pads aren’t very comfortable. Tonal Balance: Slightly warm leaning neutral Style: Open circumaural Cost at Time of Review: $350   Reviewing Process The R70x have been solely listened to at home through a Schiit Magni 2 Uber/Modi 2 Uber and a Matrix HPA-3u with high-quality FLAC files. I have used these for a mixture of gaming, passive listening, and active...
Never really got past the, imo, wonky presentation of music with the HD650. It seemed too focused on the midbass and mids like a reverse U-shaped signature. I'm probably going to be hung for saying that, but I didn't like them.
I find the HD650 to be too midbass/lower mid (male vocals) forward, while rolling off gently towards each direction otherwise overall leaving me super unsatisfied. The DT880 I briefly heard but they sounded very clinical, but nice, with treble issues. Both had issues, though the DT880 could be EQd out easily while the HD650 I would rather just buy an HD600 and be happier (which is exactly what I did). I plan to do a direct HD600 to R70x comparison but honestly I think I'd...
I have heard the HE500 and the R70x, but not side by side. I don't trust hifiman's customer support or durability so that's primarily what draws me away from them. Sound quality to price ratio is hard to compete with with hifiman, unfortunately they have too many consistency issues for me to take a gamble. Shame cause I loved the HE560. Like LOVED.
Dunno about world famous connoiseur, but I do have an irrational love for their products - for the most part. I think that the R70x has the best wing design they've put out though, when looking at overall fit compatability. I get none of the uneven ear cup pressure of my Ad2000x and W1000x. They clamp securely unlike the A900/A900x. They also have pretty plush pads, unlike the thin Ad2000 ones. I think the R70x will have the least amount of fit problems of all of their...
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