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 Not you at all, and thanks!
Well this thread is way off the rails. 
Why the need for EQ on the HA-1? Anything you're going to connect to it would have the EQ ability. The only people I can imagine wanting an EQ would be those who use an iPod Classic, assuming you like to EQ. Any computer media player you're going to use will have at least a 15 band EQ if not more. I'm not sure I follow as to why we need another way to EQ. I think the HA-1 is perfect with the features it has as it is. As my dad always says, "keep it simple, stupid."
 Beta testers, but yeah. I won't be reviewing it, but I'm going to share opinions. There are people who will do a much better job at reviewing it than I can.
 Well it's a clean neutral amp. Anyone who is claiming synergy and coloration I would question their opinion on things, it's a not coloring the sound it's just amplifying the signal to your headphones. It's really that simple, and I mean that in the best way possible. You're getting a clean powerful amp with a great responsive screen, excellent build quality and a good amount of input/output selections. If you want to hear how your headphones make each recording sound with...
 Not one bit of hiss with anything I've used it with. 
Just figured I'd share my two cents. I'm not planning on doing a review as I find that others will report back on the HA-1 in better detail, but I love how powerful the HA-1 is as an amplifier. It provides a clean and neutral power for any headphone I've used, including low sensitivity IEMs. There are many inputs and it feels solidly built. There are a multitude of screens available for eye pleasure and the gain is easily toggled between high and low. It's a great...
 Yup. I'm not sure who's spreading the info that the bass is stronger with leather, but I don't find that to be the case at all. My ears feel and hear slightly more bass with the velours, but the differences aren't huge. The charts back this.
 As far as I know they changed the H600 drivers from the HD580 a long time ago. From my understanding the HD600 and HD650 replacement driver are the same thing.
The HD600/HD650 use the same drivers as do a few Grados, but there are definitely sonic differences. 
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