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I am insanely jealous. 
Thanks for sharing your review as well as the pictures. It looks like you definitely got a better fit than I.
  Pros: Version for each mobile device, inline mic, durable, easy to place in ear, easy to drive, sound quality is great, great musicality, good level of detail, good positioning for an IEM. Cons: No cable cinch, fit can be sub-optimal, bass can be a bit boomy. Style: In-Ear Monitors Tonal Balance: Slightly V-Shaped Preferred Genres: The energetic and clear presentation from the Five’s has made these suitable for almost everything I’ve listened to. Amping: Not...
Thanks for your detailed reply. I find it interesting even more so now that you don't have any fit issues with the DNA Pro.
Nope we all received brand new packages. Out of curiosity how do other headphones fit on you such as the M50?   As for gatherings, there was one not too long ago not far outside of Philly, I couldn't attend though.
This was part of a focus group for Monster and just about all of us complained about the fit. It seems you're one of the lucky ones!
 I haven't heard anything about this, but that would be a real shame.
  Pros: Removable cable, energetic/engaging sound, good sound imaging and separation, good level of detail retrieval, clean sound. Cons: Aesthetics seem aimed at kids, poor fit, comfort is bad, too much sound leakage for portable use in quiet environments. Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Mild v-shape with clean mids. Preferred Genres: Drum & Bass, Classic Rock, Synth Driven Indie Dance, Hip-Hop, Progressive Rock. Overall I’ve enjoyed the DNA Pro with a...
 Well hey, thanks! Arve and the other guys also help make that place what it is!
 Holy cow, that's embarrassing. 
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