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this is possibly the worst thread I've ever read, spearheaded by the worst idea I've ever seen.
this is offensive to my eyes and ears.
Pros: Price; Color options; Price to quality ratio; Soundstage Depth Cons: Grain throughout; Narrow Soundstage; Cheap build feel Tonal Balance: V-shaped, aggressive lows and upper mids with decently represented mids. Style: Worn Down In-Ear Monitors Cost at Time of Review: $8   Reviewing Process The RX18 have at least 50 hours of play time in order to adjust and understand the sound to a level in which I feel secure in sharing my opinions on them. They’ve mostly...
I usually work Sundays, but I might be able to swing this...Will let you know as the date gets closer.
Wow. According to Bing, that's $120. 
Use some EQ.
Username: Keanex I'd love to see a special Audio Technica on Massdrop!
Sorry but that's only $9 off new on Amazon.
  Pros: Sturdy build quality, customizable sound, imaging quality, control and texture of the midbass, incredibly euphoric and well textured midrange. Cons: Weight, comfort. Tonal Balance: Bass heavy to neutral. Style: Closed Circumaural Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (WASAPI/FLAC) -> Matrix HPA-3U Cost at Time of Review: Starts at $700   Reviewing Process I’ve had the Blackwood for a bit over a month and during this time I’ve exclusively used them for desktop...
Agreed, good texture and warmth, could use a slight more impact is all
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