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Dunno about world famous connoiseur, but I do have an irrational love for their products - for the most part. I think that the R70x has the best wing design they've put out though, when looking at overall fit compatability. I get none of the uneven ear cup pressure of my Ad2000x and W1000x. They clamp securely unlike the A900/A900x. They also have pretty plush pads, unlike the thin Ad2000 ones. I think the R70x will have the least amount of fit problems of all of their...
Built very similarly to the Ad2000 and Ad2000x. Light and sturdy. I see no weak points nor do I have any reason for concern.
Extra pads are far from common though. I can think of maybe 5 off of the top of my head that do come with extra pads. Let's be honest here, Audio Technica doesn't do much to set trends.As for hard cases, a good one costs about $50 for the consumer and goes north from there price wise. Whether you see it or not, that cost is rolled into the cost the consumer pays for the headphones if they come with a hardshell case.For what it's worth though their newest headphone the MSR7...
Allow me to retort:- what sort lf accessories would you even expect with a full-sized headphone? They come with a 1/4 adapter and honestly that's all you need. I don't need a cheap cloth carrying pouch that some full-sized headphones come with, a hard case would be nice for travel, but I imagine that most people who bring their full-sized headphones with them have a Pelican case or similar. There's no need to add unecessarily to the price.- a removable cable is needed, I...
Oh my lord. I wish i had money to buy all of these new Audio Technica offerings.
Thanks for reading! Love the Spirited Away avatar!
Thanks for reading!
I would like to. I have reviewed the 350i and am in the process of reviewing the T20.
Yup, all subjective. I think the MSR7 is a great portable headphone at the price it's at though.
Yeah the jack would be better suited with something more traditional, but it would throw off the beautiful aesthetics. At least the cable hasn't crapped out on me yet.
New Posts  All Forums: