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  The Good: Excellent build quality; Excellent accessory bundle; MMCX Removable cables; Treble extension; Midrange resolution. The Okay: Comfort; Bass quality and presence; Treble resolution; Soundstage. The Bad: Sibilance highlighting. Tonal Balance: Warm leaning despite lacking bass presence. Style: Over-Ear/Worn Down IEM Cost: $200   Reviewing Process The Pinnacle P1, now forth referred to as the P1, have been my primary IEM for a month now. Primarily used...
They were the first "good" iem I ever had, then I moved onto the RE0 after they died. I still regret buying the RE0 over the ADDIEM. Hoping to find a good authentic pair.
Looking for a near mint/mint Apple dual driver IEM, must have receipt from the Apple Store to verify that they are authentic. 
  The Good: Price to quality ratio; K5 allows for docking with FiiO DAPs; Plug and play; aesthetically pleasing; Low output impedance; Three gain settings The Okay: Power output will struggle with some inefficient planars; The Bad: No stated power at 600ohms, but likely not very high based on 150mW at 300ohms Tonal Balance: Mildly warm leaning Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (WASAPI+FLAC) -> E17k/K5 -> Various headphones Cost: K5: $110, E17k: $140 Reviewing...
Source should be 100% when using an external amp unless you're not using line out. Your media player and Windows volume should be at 100%. There's no benefit, to my knowledge, of keeping Windows+your music player below 100%. You should use your amp to control the volume. 
Vali 2 outputs a little over 5 ohms on high-gain. No tube is going to change your poor damping factor. Also whoever told you to have low source volume was wrong. Source volume should be 100% and you should be using your amp to adjust the volume - not the other way around. In-fact putting an amp at 100% is rarely desirable for a few reasons.
Are you using high gain?
The Magni 2 Uber puts out more than double the power of the O2 at 32ohms.
Yeah it seems to be a common issue/design flaw.
  Pros: Both set-ups feature a great price/performance ratio; Small desktop footprint. Cons: Modi 2 Uber button feels loose. Tonal Balance: Magni 2 Uber/Modi 2 Uber - Slightly bright with mild grain; Vali 2/Modi 2 Uber - Warm leaning, refined sound, a bit gooey/slow sounding. Cost at Time of Review: Modi 2 Uber $150, Magni 2 Uber $150, Vali $169   Reviewing Process The Magni 2 Uber and Modi 2 Uber will hereby be referred to as the SS, or the Schiit Stack, unless...
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