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 I dunno about $1,000, but the $400 price I once thought was too high has shown, to me, to be well worth it.
 You say that you don't like bass heavy headphones yet the graphs show that they are not even close to linear. 
 And most live music is overly bassy because that's what people want. I've heard the QC15 and sure it's more similar to boomy sound systems and poor sound the sound guys mix at shows, that doesn't mean it's better. If you're eating at McDonalds often you can't expect a good burger to suit your palate, especially when the cost isn't near the same. I'm 99% sure you like music bassily reproduced. I say this because I see shows many times a month in many venues in Philly. The...
 Yeah that's a GREAT price on MD.
I mean no offense, but since your used to Bose I take your opinions as someone who's eating fine food after having a life of eating junk food. I guess warm and bassy is more accurate to you but the graphs prove you wrong. I guess I'll be straightforward if you want to be crass.
Shrill is not how I've ever heard anyone describe a working pair.
Hey guys, I'm pondering this question and it seems that there are a few popular headphones out there that don't have replaceable pads. How do you guys justify your purchase when it's limited by the life of the pads, which are one of the first things to go on a headphone?
They don't sound tinny or artificial to be by any large means. I haven't heard that complaint either.
I dunno, I mean what are you comparing their sound to?
Thank you all very much for the kind words!   Sure, send me it and I'll share some thoughts! =P  Standard headphone jack, I don't have any balanced headphones at the moment.  That's super interesting you thought that, what amp/DAC do you prefer?  Loved it!
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