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 This was my exact thought as well! haha
Anything clean and low impedance will work, in my opinion. 
No hard feelings at all!
If I misunderstood then I'm sorry. The post wasn't very clear though
You mean that you couldn't "risk" leaving them run for a few hours a day?
 Wow your tune sure has changed within 5 days. 
27.9 lb 40.6 lb 60.2 lb
Considering trades?
I don't know what people expect people to say about the amp. It's transparent and powerful. I believe that anyone commenting on the sound of it is really stretching things and I'd love to see them ABX it from another transparent SS amp.    You want to know how the HA-1 sounds? Look at the quality of your recording and the signature of your headphones.
Bump for a great bassy IEM!
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