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Vali 2 outputs a little over 5 ohms on high-gain. No tube is going to change your poor damping factor. Also whoever told you to have low source volume was wrong. Source volume should be 100% and you should be using your amp to adjust the volume - not the other way around. In-fact putting an amp at 100% is rarely desirable for a few reasons.
Are you using high gain?
The Magni 2 Uber puts out more than double the power of the O2 at 32ohms.
Yeah it seems to be a common issue/design flaw.
  Pros: Both set-ups feature a great price/performance ratio; Small desktop footprint. Cons: Modi 2 Uber button feels loose. Tonal Balance: Magni 2 Uber/Modi 2 Uber - Slightly bright with mild grain; Vali 2/Modi 2 Uber - Warm leaning, refined sound, a bit gooey/slow sounding. Cost at Time of Review: Modi 2 Uber $150, Magni 2 Uber $150, Vali $169   Reviewing Process The Magni 2 Uber and Modi 2 Uber will hereby be referred to as the SS, or the Schiit Stack, unless...
  Pros: Secure on head; Built in bass boost. Cons: Extreme clamping force; Cheap look and feel; Overall mediocre sound quality. Tonal Balance: Warm with a downwards slope. Style: Closed supra-aural Cost at Time of Review: $76   Reviewing Process   I’ve been using the K183 as my primary cans for the past two weeks, using them rather heavily during the time with a wide variety of music and games. While I feel confident that I have a good feel for the sound and...
  Pros: Build quality; Strong bass presence. Cons: Driver flex - makes positioning finicky; Sibilant; Scooped out lower midrange. Tonal Balance: V-Shaped (Enhanced bass and upper midrange) Style: Worn down IEM Cost at Time of Review: $40 for non mic, $50 for mic   Reviewing Process The RHA S500i have been my daily driver through my iBasso DX90 for approximately 1 month now. I’ve almost exclusively used them with the DX90 and no need for additional amplification....
As someone satisfied with the stock DX90 UI, what are the benefits of using Rockbox on the DX90?
Yup - they are a rebrand
Selling a used Sony MDR-1R.   What's in the box? Just the MDR-1R. No original packaging or accessories, not even the cable What's the condition? 9/10 cosmetically with minimal wear/tear Where will you ship? CONUS is included, everywhere else will be considered if the difference is paid. Insurance? If you'd like to add insurance that will be extra on you. How can I pay you? Strictly PayPal or cash in person. You can either send gift or add 3% for PayPal fees. When...
New Posts  All Forums: