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I don't know what people expect people to say about the amp. It's transparent and powerful. I believe that anyone commenting on the sound of it is really stretching things and I'd love to see them ABX it from another transparent SS amp.    You want to know how the HA-1 sounds? Look at the quality of your recording and the signature of your headphones.
Bump for a great bassy IEM!
 Yeah, if you're in an anechonic chamber. 
SS burn-in. I'd give up everything I own if someone could prove this.
  Thanks to Meze for providing a review sample!   Pros: Great fit, great seal, cable feels solid Cons: Lack of tips, driver flex, potential build quality concerns, 45 degree angle termination, overexaggerated bass, fuzzy one note bass, rolled off treble. Style: Worn down IEM Tonal Balance: Bass heavy Listening Set-Up: Sansa Clip+ MSRP: $79   Reviewing Process During my review of the 11 Deco I have put at least 50 hours of use while at home, on walks around the...
 You know, the background just knows man, it just knows. It knows what song is coming on next so it has this crazy patented technology that cancels out any of the recording hiss and such. It's nuts man. It's nuts.
 Thanks for the response! 
The HA-1 sits on my desk and I love looking at the spectrometer. I could see if it weren't in vision then it wouldn't be something of importance though.
Maybe I'm dumb, but is there a way to extend the screen for the spectrumeter? By default it shows 100-10k, I'd like to see 20hz-20k. 
I have a near new pair of Grado SR80i at a good price if you're interested. I know you want broken, but these are a good price.
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