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    Pros: Build quality, fit, resolution, clarity, sound quality Cons: Lacking tips, cord tangle issues, sub-bass shy Style: Over-ear medium insertion IEMs Tonal Balance: Neutral with decent resolution, giving it a mild analytical feel. Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (Wasapi) -> Oppo HA-1, Sansa Clip+/Sansa Clip Zip Cost At the Time of Review: $120   Reviewing Process The user manual that comes with the R-50 states that the R-50 sound best after 20 hours of...
These are now buy one get one free on Ebay through Sonic Electronics. 2 of these for $50. What a bargain!
Top notch service there. Quickly makes adjustments and offers to mod them for free!
That's great to see such public and quick changes. I look forward to hearing/seeing the revised editions. Perhaps one without the wood hidden?! ;)
 Yup, I have edited my review to reflect this! I do think that a little damping may bring out that sub-bass. Other than that the driver seems to have rather low distortion and handle the frequencies it reaches rather nicely.
    Much thanks to Bob at Rock Jaw for the review sample!   Pros: Comfort, overall sound quality, isolation Cons: Build quality, build design, sub-bass, congestion Style: Circumaural full-sized headphones Tonal Balance: Mild v-shape with rolled off sub-bass. Strives for neutrality. Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (Wasapi) -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at time of Review: ~$170 US   Reviewing Process   Rock Jaw recommends 100 hours of burn-in for their products before they are...
 You know what, this isn't the appropriate thread for this. I thought we were in the HA-1 thread but we aren't.
 Don't even think about spending $1,000+ on a high-end amp if you think you're going to get any sort of positive results outside of placebo/minor sound changes.. Look, I love my HA-1 and if I wasn't given one, graciously by Oppo, I would have it at the top of my list to purchase eventually due to how excellent of a product it is and how excellent of a company Oppo is to work with. But to say that it's going to be a practical upgrade in sound quality if you have a decent SS...
 What mostly attracts me to them is the lively mid-range. 
 They wouldn't fit on another headphone though.
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