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MSR7 Sold.
For what it's worth me and the others who've heard both the A900, A900LTD, and the A900x think they're all more similar than different. The A900 and A900x might only be different due to the A900x having had newer pads while the A900LTD is a slight step up from both imo.
Review is live: http://www.head-fi.org/t/812816/review-cascadia-audio-talos-the-best-v-shaped-headphone-under-500   Yeah, I love em.
The Good: Price/Quality ratio; Comfort; Bass quality/quantity; Musicality; Imaging. The Bad: Requires a powerful amplifier. Tonal Balance: V-Shaped Style: Circumaural semi-open. Cost: $250 at Cascadia Audio   Reviewing Process & Background I knew Mad Economist as a fellow mod on Reddit’s /r/headphones community. A while back he had mentioned that he was working on a Fostex T50 mod and asked if I’d like to hear it when he finished the tuning, and enthusiastically I...
From what I remember the HE560 wasn't super hard to drive. The K5 has a good amount of power also.
I will have my review out tomorrow, but unless you need high isolation, the Talos are the best v-shaped headphone under $500 without a doubt in my mind. When I first heard them all I could think of was how they reminded me of the HiFIMan HE560 with similarities of the ZMF Blackwood, at least than half of the price. These headphones have made me not care about acquiring another headphone, I love them that much.
I will provide pictures on request. I feel all of the prices are reasonable, but if you think something is off let me know. Prices include standard shipping to CONUS. I believe almost all of these have their respective boxes.If it doesn't I'll knock $10 off. Any added insurance is at the behest of the buyer. Might be a small layer of dust on these, I haven't used them in ages.     Headphones   Audio Technica A2000x - $365 - Excellent condition, 9.5/10. Audio Technica...
  The Good: Dual micro-SD slots; Ease of navigation; Use as a DAC; Multiple audio output options; EQ and gain options. The Okay: Touch-screen responsiveness is spotty; Some touch functions aren’t intuitive; Overall user experience is just okay; Sound quality; Power output. The Bad: No search functionality; Price to quality ratio; No built-in memory. Tonal Balance: N/A, EQ functionality makes it variable. Cost: $348   Reviewing Process I’ve had the DX80 as my...
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