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Did a quick AB between the PM-3 and P7 before I packed the PM-3 to go back to Oppo. The P7 wins in bass extension, presence, impact and control. The P7 loses in the mid-range texture, but wins in presence, while the P7 easily wins in the treble quality and presence department. For $400 I'm going with the P7 10/10 times.
 That's something that I could certainly do with a bit of time. I'm finishing up working 2 jobs at the moment but after I'm done all that I should have more time.
    Pros: Build quality is astounding, deep extended bass, mid range is detailed and textured, imaging is great. Cons: Bass tends to sound too prominent, lack of bass speed and impact, soundstage can come off congested. Style: Closed circumaural headphones. Tonal Balance: Warm Accessories: Carrying case, 1/4’’ adaptor, cable with inline mic/remote and standard cable. Listening Set-Up: MusicBee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: $400.   Reviewing...
Interested. Nj, usa.
I am looking to sell my Audio Technica W1000x they were bought used here and are in great condition. They have no cosmetic flaws and they are in working order, non-smoking house. I am wanting to buy some AD2000 or AD2000x though so I'm willing to let these go. I am considering trades for either Ad2k model or am selling these for $400. Buyer will pay 3% paypal fees, free basic shipping is included, add $5 for insurance. Pictures will be posted tomorrow once I am home.
No memorable hissing with the ha1, but with Moto G yes, some with my sans a clip zip also
 Thanks for the kind words =)
Like new in box Focal Spirit One S. About 10 hours of head time. They are not for me. Price includes basic USPS shipping, insurance is extra. PayPal fees not included, please add 3%.
Selling a barely used pair of Sennheiser HD650. I got these around Christmas time and do not enjoy the sound, I prefer a more bright sound. These are like-new, in-box and will be shipped with all original accessories.   I am considering trades but only if they involve the Audio Technica Ad2000 or Ad2000x, or other Audio Technica products.
  Pros: Fit, build, musicality, detail retrieval, soundstage, imaging qualities, overall sound quality. Cons: Mids come off recessed at times, no sense of air. Style: Over-Ear IEMs Tonal Balance: Mild v-shape Accessories: Hard case, cleaning wipes,1/4’’ stereo adaptor, 3 sizes of mushroom tips. Listening Set-Up: Musicbee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: $850 from Otojoy.   Reviewing Process The StageDiver 4 (SD4 from now on) have received over 50 hours of...
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