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Finally got to try these and I was really impressed with the sound. Balanced and very natural sounding with good lower end umph and very engaging. A pair of these is on my short list for sure.
So glad to be back in this club. The Ad2000x just doesn't compare. The AD2000 is the most musical headphone I've heard. Love it!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really interesting to see a high impedance headphone from Audio Technica, especially one that leans warm. I'm very intrigued to try these.
 I see your point, but only one opinion has formed on the HD630 so far and while I respect Jude's opinion, it is only one. Also most people buy Beats for the fashion weight they carry and not the quality so Sennheiser doesn't really hold much weight there either.  I think that this is going to be 100% a swing and a miss, audiophiles will reject it for the odd graphs, lack of removable cable (really Senn, that's REALLY weird of you for a headphone of this price, especially...
 The only one that is $600 is a limited edition wireless Studio version that most people don't have. The Studio Wireless is under $400 as are the Pro, which are also very rare to see in public or at all.
Boy that price is really out of line with what I'd expect when looking at the FR and the lack of detachable cable.
 I used the Yulon D200 solely for the review and comparison.
Interesting, they feel exactly the same comfort/fit wise.
 They're not similar at all, you would use them for entirely different applications. The sound signatures aren't similar either.
  I’d like to preface this by thanking Reddit user ojneg for allowing me to borrow his A900 to compare to my A900x. The A900 were a mid-tier priced closed back headphone from Audio Technica that were discontinued a few years ago in favor a more up to date design. Due to the A900 never really being popular in America used pairs are a bit hard to come across so I’m very grateful to get to listen to a pair, especially one that’s in great condition, so thanks...
New Posts  All Forums: