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I have a near new pair of Grado SR80i at a good price if you're interested. I know you want broken, but these are a good price.
 Yeah, I'm entertaining offers. I feel like a huge dick in potentially selling it, but I need to fund a cross country move. I'm considering purchasing some used Ad2000 if I can afford it also. The only reason I didn't post it here is because it's not allowed to "flip" an item and I think they might fall into that category here. I am not sure if I'll actually sell these when it comes to it though, I really enjoy them, but I just don't have much time for them at this point...
 I'm surprised that he finds himself listening loudly. I am a rather loud listener and the PM-1 seem to have cured me of that. Even at low volumes they demand nothing additional to sound good. 
 I had a FiiO HS2 that was great for it and when I did lots of AB testing I couldn't reliably tell many neutral SS amps apart. Hints of something here and there but, for instance, the Schiit Magni/Modi vs the O2/ODAC was damn near impossible for me with somewhat of volume matching.
 I use MP3 V0 encodings, GASP. I have determined that I can not ABX reliably from FLAC and the differences are so minute that it's not worth the hard drive space to me. So the PM-1 certainly handle lossy files fine.
 All of the tech specs and features are open and listed. The amp measures about ruler flat 20-20 so there's not really much to discuss about the sound IMO. I can't say that I hold much weight in the opinions of those who write pages on the sound quality because there's no real coloration going on. If they could reliably ABX a few neutral solid state amps from each other then I'd gladly listen to the differences they experience. Then again this isn't the sound science forum...
 Well thanks for sharing your opinion!
 The people complaining in this thread are coming off as insecure and immature. It's as if multiple quality headphones can't exist so they need to bash headphones that they've never heard in order to feel better about their past purchases. I don't get why it matters to them if people enjoy the PM-1, it doesn't take away from their listening experience with whatever headphone they have. I also don't get why they feel the need to try and tell people with these headphones...
 I'm not going to review the HA-1 because outside of the obvious stuff, there's not much to say. Don't feel bad. It's a great product, but commenting on the sound seems to be a waste as it does nothing to color the sound or change it in any way.  If you do the number crunching you're getting an amp for $550 and a DAC for $550 in a beautiful package from a company that stands by it's products. What more could you want?
I must say that I've always been a loud listener, the PM-1 are the first headphones that I am 100% satisfied at low volumes. 
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