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 I'll have a review in less than 3 weeks. I'm a beta tester though so take that as you will. Edit: One last thought. I understand why people like graphs, but they only tell one side of the story. The M50 measure very well in CSD plots as well as frequency response, but to my ears they sound congested and bloated. 
 I understand your view point on giving free things a positive review, but on the other hand if I were to put out a positive review on a mediocre product wouldn't that hurt my credibility? I try to shine the light on the good of every headphone that I review, but every headphones has it's positives even if they aren't great. I make sure to also highlight the poor qualities of a headphone also. I feel that if I spent money on a headphone I'd be more inclined to justify my...
I've started working on the skeleton of my review, I still need at least another week before I'm comfortable with the sound, but I can not think of one con as I write this. Perhaps I'll find something to nit-pick but I would imagine that anything that anyone could complain about with these would be minor nitpicks or preferences in a sound signature. These are a hell of a headphone.   I'll take my gushing elsewhere now!
 Well graphs are graphs. Your ears might be more sensitive to certain frequencies causing the disconnect between what you hear and what you expect. This isn't odd though, if you visit Golden Ears you will see that for their graphs they include a "what we hear" vs what is measured. The key thing is to find one place that measures them all the same, which Tyll does. This allows you to compare graphs all done the same way.
If you want an airy headphone I couldn't think of one more so than the Ad900. I've heard the Ad1000 is even more so but I haven't heard them.
 My opinion is coming from someone who loves the Audio Technica AD series line. I started with the Ad700 and from then on I was in love with the brighter than neutral sound of the Ad900 and eventually ended up in love with the very forward and aggressive mids/highs of the Ad2000. I am someone who loves the Grado SR80i sound for the big treble and mids also.  With that said I was really disappointed with the PM-1 in beta as far as the sound was concerned. Not that it was...
 I'm using the HA1, but no audible hiss to my ears.
 For sure. I've had these on for 2 hours. I forgot I had them on until you mentioned something.
 Good idea, instead, though, I've made the XPT100 the item and removed the HM5. I can't think of a reason to keep the HM5 when the XPT100 is cheaper and offers the same experience. Any suggestions why I should add the HM5?
The XPT100 seem to be permanently $80 now on Amazon. Heck of a steal.
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