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  I can't think of anyone else who has heard the Ad700 and Ad900 and not noticed a pretty big jump in sound quality in mids and lows.
So how about the Ad2000 vs the AD2000x?   Those are the IEMs, they retail for $100 but they have a channel imbalance problem, the left side being markedly lower in volume than the right. I know there are some DIYers out there that might want to tinker with the drivers. I'm selling these for $20 shipped (CONUS) through PayPal, please send as gift or add 3%. CONUS will be free shipping with no tracking, you can pay the additional fees for tracking if you'd like. Outside...
  I'm probably going to wish I hadn't asked, but where did you buy them?
  You think the new Ad900x sound better than the A900x? That's awesome because I thought the A900x sounded fantastic! I may have to buy the Ad900x now...   Edit: Maybe I'll bite the bullet and just buy the Ad2000x to compare to the Ad2000.
I've never seen these come with a case stock. Did you buy these used? The Ad2000 come in the same cardboard box that the Ad900 and so come with.
As an Ad series fanboy I plan to buy the Ad900x and up eventually. This makes me giddy.
    Pros: Clean sound, punchy lower mids and mid-bass gives drums real impact, shallow insertion makes for an easier insertion process, instrument separation is above average for the price. Cons: Cable coils when left by itself which makes it annoying to wear over ear, slight v-shape sound (may be a pro to some people), sound stage is rather narrow, lack of double-flanged tips, popping and static noises when moving about though only heard when no music is...
Good choice, I enjoy my Ad2000 with that set-up, though I haven't paired it with anything else.
It depends upon the company, but this product was free. If you're wondering about bias due to free items then you should check my Brainwavz M5 review. I do my best to give a fair opinion on how I feel about a product. Think of it this way, if I were to write a glowing review about a mediocre product then my reviews would be taken with a grain of salt! I stand by the A161p even months later.
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