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 Good idea, instead, though, I've made the XPT100 the item and removed the HM5. I can't think of a reason to keep the HM5 when the XPT100 is cheaper and offers the same experience. Any suggestions why I should add the HM5?
The XPT100 seem to be permanently $80 now on Amazon. Heck of a steal.
 Yup! I have nothing but great things to say about how Oppo handled the beta, unlike another company I did some "beta" testing for. I have taken some pictures for you all to view.
 Sorry but I do not own those headphones.
Bump for vision!
 I don't think any company in the hi-fi world cares more about the build quality and quality assurance than OPPO. During the Beta Christopher Vick, the CEO, took all of our suggestions to heart and the team made some subtle but excellently crafted changes that I didn't even know I needed until they were made. I will be receiving my pair within a the week and will definitely fast track a review for all of you guys. Edit: Christopher Vick is the product manager, not CEO!
    Pros: Beautiful aesthetics, solid build, removable cable, multiple color choices, no microphonics, comfortable, excellent bass quality and quantity, excellent soundstage positioning, excellent highs. Cons: Very picky about source, lacking in tip selection, mids to upper mids can be grainy. Style: Universal over-ear IEM Tonal Balance: Mildly bassy Listening Set-Up: MusicBee (WASAPI) -> OPPO HA-1 & Sansa Clip+   Accessories         Included with the...
 I enjoy the sound, but as a package I think that there are better options. 
The XPT100 don't fold up, so they'll add some bulk compared to the Monoprice. Other than that they isolate fine.
  Pros: Multiple designs to choose from, in-line microphone, removable cable, overall fun sound, good imaging and level of detail. Cons: Likely will not fit large heads, clamp might be loose for some, build quality doesn’t inspire confidence, isolation is poor, recessed mids and slightly fatiguing highs. Style: On-ear closed headphones. Tonal Balance: Mildly V-Shaped, focus on mid-bass. Amping: Unnecessary Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (WASAPI) -> Oppo HA-1   Design...
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