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I prefer the sound of the Ad2000 over the HD650 and the Ad2000x. I will be doing a full comparison with the Ad2000x soon as well as with the HD600.
Thanks for reading! Thanks! I agree with your assessment. I love how musical they are!
I understand your view, but a $2,000 headphone should not have these inconsistencies with the frequency response in the treble and neither should it have those issues with the pads.
imo the ad2000 is more musical and engaging as well as quicker.
The headphones are being sold as mint, I can not find one flaw in the wood and the rest of the headphone is fine. Pads are in good shape and the headphone is in 100% working order. I'm selling only due to medical issues.   I will accept payment through PayPal which includes shipping.
From my understanding the item would have to go through China's support, which you may or may not have to pay for shipping. Keep that in mind. These are the listed authorized sellers per country. Your mileage may vary, but I would go with if you're in the USA to play it safe.
I've heard that products purchased from outside USA will not have the warranty in USA, you will need to ship to China in case of any issues. Spare the $10 and buy from a trusted source imo.
yup! I was happy about that too
Just updated the OP, both units are available through
    Pros: Build quality, quickness, musicality, soundstage. Cons: Comfort, lack of removable cable, sub-bass roll off. Tonal Balance: Mild midrange focus Style: Open circumaural headphones Listening Set-Up: Musicbee -> Yulong U200 Cost at Time of Review: Discontinued, used market ranges from $300-$500   Reviewing Process I have had the Ad2000 for a few months and have spent considerable amount of time with them. The Ad2000 are my daily listeners when I’m not...
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