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  Full disclosure these were given to me as a review sample. I will also note that I've been a fan of Alpine in my car for a long time.    These just arrived and after a quick photo shoot I've begun to give them some head time! I've only got about 20 minutes use so my comments on sound aren't going to hold much weight but I can comment on the build!   Aesthetically the Alpine's remind me a lot of the Monster DNA Over-Ear, albeit less glossy. The headband itself is...
Bump for fantastic IEMs!
  Pros: Secure in ears, in-line mic/remote, clean bass, powerful upper mid-range, soundstage and imaging Cons: Microphonics are below average, bass lacks impact, recessed lower mids, can't find a source to buy these. Style: Cable down shallow insertion sport IEMs. Tonal Balance: V-shaped Listening Set-Up: Musicbee -> Oppo HA-1, Sansa Clip Zip Cost at Time of Review: $80, I can not find a reliable source though.   Reviewing Process The CKX7iS have had at least 40...
 The cables that fit into the SD2 are very common, so really it's just a matter of finding a company you trust at a price you agree with.
 I agree. I could see someone wanting a bit more of some aspect here, but as a whole this is a near complete package. 
I should have mentioned it in my review but I haven't changed my filters since they are still good. You have to buy a $30 kit that comes with more wax guards per ear than you'll ever need. I am making a video right now on how to remove and place them back in. It's super easy.    Edit: Okay so my camera isn't great for video, I couldn't get it to focus where I wanted it so I took pictures instead:   Step 1: Take your provided wax guard tool from the kit. Grab it with...
 The Sd-2/Sd-3 simply felt more secure and comfortable in my ears.
 I had the SD-1s, SD-2, and SD-3. I slightly preferred the SD-2/SD-3 fit over the smaller version.
 I reviewed the 1, 2 and 3 and they are all built the same so I copy/pasted the fit/build portion for each. As for the SD-2, I think that's the best they make in the SD line so far!
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