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Just picked up the HE560 from the post and am putting some head time on them now. I'll save impressions for later.
Hey sorry guys, apparently the HE560 arrived 2 weeks ago to my house, but I never received a notice. I'm going to the post today to get them.
My experience with HiSound has been extremely negative unfortunately. T-Peos interest me though.
I love your review style, keep it up!
 Mind sharing what you feel are better in this range?
Does anyone have a well worn in Ad900 and a worn in Ad900x? I'd like to hear comparisons, but only if the Ad900 has a LOT of head time, softening the pads.
I've got a Clip+ and Clip Zip rockboxed and am happy with the quality for the price. I have no doubts that these will hold up well. Making playlists in Rockbox is a pain though.
Accepting trades?
Also interested in a potential trade.
Considering trades? Shoot me a PM if so.
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