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Geez man, what'd you do to those Ad2000? I was interested as heck seeing you bought them in January but after seeing the damage done...
They are the EP model, warmest sounding of the 3 sextetts, Grado SR80i like. Really enjoyable headphones with pads easily replaced. Definitely a nice buy for $80 even with the badge missing. Whoever buys these will have a solid headphone.
Aw man, really cool! I wish I could afford this right now!
 Never heard of the S16.
I have not heard them both to compare, sorry.
 I've not heard the Mytek, nor have I heard of them so I can't comment on that. What do you mean by benefitted the HD600 more than the Ad2000 though?
Thanks for sharing your experience!
  Pros: Great clarity, channel separation is fantastic, punchy bass and clean throughout, ability to use the D200 as a DAC only or as a pre-amp, balanced and RCA output, built very well, lightweight and low heat output. Cons: Limited max power output. Cost at Time of Review: $700   Reviewing Process I spent approximately 40 hours with the D200 before commenting on its sound and used a variety of headphones with it. I feel that I am capable of commenting on its...
Finally got to try these and I was really impressed with the sound. Balanced and very natural sounding with good lower end umph and very engaging. A pair of these is on my short list for sure.
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