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 Please keep assumptions based on others views from this thread. There are already two threads with a bunch of unnecessary speculation. 
 I've not heard those headphones, but those who own them both have said that the PM-1 sound like a brighter LCD2 and are on par, or damn near close, to the LCDX. Thanks for the kind words to those who have said they like my review. I'm amping them with the Oppo HA-1 which I'm actually not at liberty to discuss unfortunately. 
 Outside of the Audio Technica Ad2000, yes.
He shouldn't be posting any reviews or comments on the HA-1 as per the NDA he signed, assumedly.
Just finished my PM-1 Review.
Just finished my review of the PM-1. 
I want to thank Oppo for the PM-1 they graciously sent me to keep as being a member of the beta testing. What a top notch company!     Pros: Excellent customer service, excellent packaging, excellent build quality, pleasing modern aesthetics, comfortable, velour and breathable leather pads, removable cables, easy to drive, sub-bass is top notch, mids and highs are clean and musical, low level listening excels. Cons: Mids can overpower the midbass, could use more air...
 I'm not sure how qualified anyone is to say these statements. Oppo has said that the PM-2 will sound like the PM-1, this is true, but we can not know for sure until it is officially released. No one can possibly comment on whether the price hike over the PM-2 is worth it until they have both in their hands. Secondly, I'm confused as to how you could say that the PM-1 is not priced at a "good price" when you compare it to headphones that are more expensive and claim that...
 They remind me a lot of the Audio Technica Ad2000, though not as quick or bright.
 It's okay, I should have a review in a week or so where people can also discuss it and get it locked =D On the real though, I just finished my review section for the velour pads, leather pads next. I won't be able to do any listening until Monday though. 
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