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Aw man, really cool! I wish I could afford this right now!
 Never heard of the S16.
I have not heard them both to compare, sorry.
 I've not heard the Mytek, nor have I heard of them so I can't comment on that. What do you mean by benefitted the HD600 more than the Ad2000 though?
Thanks for sharing your experience!
  Pros: Great clarity, channel separation is fantastic, punchy bass and clean throughout, ability to use the D200 as a DAC only or as a pre-amp, balanced and RCA output, built very well, lightweight and low heat output. Cons: Limited max power output. Cost at Time of Review: $700   Reviewing Process I spent approximately 40 hours with the D200 before commenting on its sound and used a variety of headphones with it. I feel that I am capable of commenting on its...
Finally got to try these and I was really impressed with the sound. Balanced and very natural sounding with good lower end umph and very engaging. A pair of these is on my short list for sure.
So glad to be back in this club. The Ad2000x just doesn't compare. The AD2000 is the most musical headphone I've heard. Love it!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really interesting to see a high impedance headphone from Audio Technica, especially one that leans warm. I'm very intrigued to try these.
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