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  Pros: Comfort, build quality, removable cable, inline mic/remote, fun energetic sound. Cons: Lacking detail and clarity, mid-bass is muddy, sound leaks too much for portable use Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Bass heavy Listening Set-Up: MusicBee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: $300   Reviewing Process During the time that I’ve had these I have burned in the drivers for at least 40 hours by having music play through them at normal volumes while...
    Pros: Build feels solid, sound is rather lively, sound quality to price ratio is above average Cons: Mids lack energy & presence, highs come off a tad dull, bass is a bit loose, very long cable Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Mid-bass emphasized leaning neutral Listening Set-Up: MusicBee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of Review: MSRP is $130, intro price is $40 through SonicElectronix at time of review.   Reviewing Process The HP3BK have received...
So apparently these are being bundled in with a lot of products on SonicElectronix. They're great IEMs and the current price makes them a pretty darn easy recommendation.
 I may have a pair in a few weeks. If so I'll definitely have a review not too long after. 
If you're considering trades shoot me a PM.
Are you considering trades?
They're $98 new on Amazon in America and Canada.
 Yeah, I don't think that they will get much press here, but I think that they're pretty interesting. As for the DSD and other stuff that's in the headphones, I'm honestly not sure how that interacts when plugged into my HA-1. Today I'm going to try it from my Sansa Clip Zip and see. I think the DAC in it is mostly used in conjunction with the app which allows EQ changing over bluetooth or something. I'm not entirely sure.
 I'm about 30 minutes in so don't take too much from this, but the sound signature seems relatively balanced, perhaps even a bit sub-bass shy without the haptic. With the haptic on it's definitely night and day difference though.
New Posts  All Forums: