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I'd like to work out a trade for the ADDIEMS. Must be in like-new condition.   Shoot me a PM if you have these.
Sent them to rs01 two days ago. I have tracking but left it in my car. They should be there by now though.
Shipped today to rs01
 Did this, waiting to hear back. I've had the HE560 longer than they should have ever been and I apologize for that. It's been a hectic week and the mix-up with the post office didn't help things. I greatly apologize to Justin from HeadAmp for this. With that said it's time to share my thoughts and ship these out.  Impressions time: Build Quality/Wearing Experience Let's be honest here, I don't think that any of us are impressed with the build quality. When I was taking...
Thanks, sorry guys for the huge delays in receiving these and shipping them. I'll have them out Wednesday. Sorry for nay hold up/inconvenience. 
Sorry for not seeing it, but how long am I allowed to have these before shipping them back? 
Looking to talk trades, please message me if interested!    I'm not fully closed to the idea of other trades.
Just picked up the HE560 from the post and am putting some head time on them now. I'll save impressions for later.
Hey sorry guys, apparently the HE560 arrived 2 weeks ago to my house, but I never received a notice. I'm going to the post today to get them.
My experience with HiSound has been extremely negative unfortunately. T-Peos interest me though.
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