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I will provide pictures on request. I feel all of the prices are reasonable, but if you think something is off let me know. Prices include standard shipping to CONUS. I believe almost all of these have their respective boxes.If it doesn't I'll knock $10 off. Any added insurance is at the behest of the buyer. Might be a small layer of dust on these, I haven't used them in ages.     Headphones Audio Technica A900x - $100 - Very good condition, looks near mint. Audio...
  The Good: Dual micro-SD slots; Ease of navigation; Use as a DAC; Multiple audio output options; EQ and gain options. The Okay: Touch-screen responsiveness is spotty; Some touch functions aren’t intuitive; Overall user experience is just okay; Sound quality; Power output. The Bad: No search functionality; Price to quality ratio; No built-in memory. Tonal Balance: N/A, EQ functionality makes it variable. Cost: $348   Reviewing Process I’ve had the DX80 as my...
I have the A900ti but they're kind of beat up, not sure how to judge them at this point =(
Easily the weirdest sounding headphones I've ever heard while still sounding enjoyable. Weird bloomy mid-bass without too much in the sub, yet it doesn't sound thin. I dunno man like a weirder more colored A900. I need to listen more.
Wouldn't say steal at this price, I got mine in mint condition  with case for $450 here 2 months ago.
Looking for an original Ad700 and Ad900. Must be in good shape. PM me if you've got either!
  The Good: Excellent build quality; Excellent accessory bundle; MMCX Removable cables; Treble extension; Midrange resolution. The Okay: Comfort; Bass quality and presence; Treble resolution; Soundstage. The Bad: Sibilance highlighting. Tonal Balance: Warm leaning despite lacking bass presence. Style: Over-Ear/Worn Down IEM Cost: $200   Reviewing Process The Pinnacle P1, now forth referred to as the P1, have been my primary IEM for a month now. Primarily used...
They were the first "good" iem I ever had, then I moved onto the RE0 after they died. I still regret buying the RE0 over the ADDIEM. Hoping to find a good authentic pair.
Looking for a near mint/mint Apple dual driver IEM, must have receipt from the Apple Store to verify that they are authentic. 
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