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And also 100% pure, unadulterated piracy. Rapidshare can be pretty bad that way. Not to mention that FLAC is pretty big, and that the album would likely be split up into 5-10 separate archives/archive segments. Combine that with Rapidshare's fifteen-minutes-between-files policy (for free users), and you're looking at several hours of download time.
I'll take whatever there is. I just don't have the $100 to spend on speakers, and I know that practically anything would be a step up from what I have.
I've been here long enough to know that some people think it's a crime to spend less than $200 on a piece of audio equipment. I've never heard anything remotely that expensive (except the Bose/Dr. Dre/Skullcandies on display at Best Buy...), so I remain blissfully unaware of what I'm missing (however worth it), in order to defend my limited wallet. Does anyone have some recommendations for a good set of stereo speakers for $20-$30? I know that the JBL series of...
But occasionally you do hit upon that magic combination of great performance and great sound quality. Threshold of Night Stone Rose
It's in a month and a half. And yeah, I know that my nearly non-existent budget is going to be a problem. How does the SQ on IEMs typically compare to full-sized headsets?
Long story short: I'm going on a five-day bus trip. The bus is loaded with very loud high-schoolers. Are there any semi-portable headphones that would work decently under $50, and without an amp? I know I am completely inexperienced; the only real phones I've used are my brother's SR-60i and my trusty PX-100, both of which are adequate for my tastes (classical, especially choral music).
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