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Hi   Up for grabs is my Headstage Arrow portable amp.  Bought this direct from Headphonia at the end of April so only a couple of months old and in perfect nick, as the photos above will attest.   It's a great, great amp, but I'm selling it to fund purchase of a Cowon J3.   Price is a hugely reasonable £125 - including postage -  and I'd ideally like to sell to someone in the UK or possibly Europe.  Paypal only please.   The amp will be shipped along with...
Hi   Not sure if anyone out there can answer this, but after reading all the positive audio quality comments about the J3, I'm debating selling my Classic and Arrow amp to fund a J3 purchase.   I'd be using it with my SM3 iems, ampless, and can live with the lower storage capacity if sound quality compensates.  I'm not fussed about video and all the fancy extras that the J3 offers, as will really only be using it for music on the move, so portability and sound...
  Thanks for the comparison.  Am selling my ipod Classic and Arrow amp (see the For Sale forum) to buy a J3.  Great to know the synergy with SM3 is good.  
The stock double silicones that ship with the new reshelled SM3s are perfect to my ears.
No, I mean it takes time for human brains to properly interpret the metaphysical sense embodied in my posts....  
It might sound stupid to you right now, but you haven't let your ears burn in long enough yet.
True, I've not tried any other triple drivers before. If I can find some more body organs to sell on the black market, I might give it a go....but in the meantime I can safely say the SM3 kick the anus of everything else I have heard.      
Fair play.  If I over-reacted before, I'm sorry. Let's shake hands and get on with talking about the lovely SM3 eh?  
Three minutes past seven mate.
I'm not defensive, just sensing some weird passive-agressive behaviour in your post.  Why not just congratulate the guy and leave it at that? What point were you trying to imply - that he was wrong to suggest an element of burn in produced positive results? Jerry Harvey? I dunno - never met the man so have no idea what he would or wouldn't know.  Has he got some SM3s too?   I Just know what I've heard using my own SM3s, and what quite a few other owners have noted...
New Posts  All Forums: