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This is very true indeed.  I currently use my Arrow with the J3 and my RE262 iems and the 150ohm impedence of the latter really does mean they need to be amped to reach their full potential.  The Arrow does the trick nicely.   Only other time I've needed to amp iems is with the Ety ER4S, but they have a very low impedence.  
As an atheist, I think Albert was onto something.  
I reckon I have become less racist since discovering this place,   Now, my pmp comes from Korea, my portable amp from Germany and my iems from China.   Or maybe I just hate Apple cos I'm anti-American, I dunno.  
I've spent more money on portable kit since joining Head-fi than on anything other than rent, food and beer.   Which is as it should be.  God bless this place.
I've had all of the iems you mention and to my ears the RE262 is better than any of them.    Bass: DDM is the best for bassheads, having truckloads of the stuff (being a dual dynamic and all) but ultimately the 262 has enough low end grunt and control for my tastes and is not lacking in the bottom end whatsoever. Mids: It's between the SM3 and 262s as to which is better, but the slight veil in the upper mids of the SM3s sees the 262s taking the crown.  They are sooo...
Westone are always overpriced in the UK.   As for ES5 vs W4, I've no inclination to try either but for me the whole concept of customs is virtually anathema.  I don't like the idea of having to faff around getting impressions done, sending them off, waiting for the iems to come back then fretting about the fit.  I've no doubt they do - mostly -  sound better than universal iems, but I sense the upgrade soundwise is not that massive it warrants spending all that cash and...
Have never tried the DBA-02s, but have owned the CK10, e-Q7s and currently own the RE262.   I place the 262s ahead of the CK10 and e-Q7s by some margin.  They just seem to be so bloody musical and 'right;' sounding across all the spectrum, whereas the Ortofons suffered by lack of treble and constrained soundstage and the CK10s were so treble-heavy I couldn't get on with them.  Fit wise too, the 262s trump the other 2, especially the CK10s, which made mincemeat of my ears.  
so can you only listen to music with trumpets in on these?
Good stuff.  About time.   That would change matters a lot.  Not that I have much love for Jobs and co. but the storage would be a big plus.  
Yes, but you can't Rockbox any gen of iPod past the 4th, can you?   That's why the current Classic is flawed - ok, its got large capacity and is user friendly, but on the downside that sound quality is just subpar compared to what you can achieve with a Cowon.  Plus the J3 supports flac and doesn't rely on iTunes.   As for flat vs flat argument - I'd say the J3 probably sounds about the same as the Classic on that basis, if not slightly better.  But then who really  cares...
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