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Really? I didn't know that, but that's fair enough and between Skylab and Robert.   Interesting.  Still, yeah, its a real shame cos The Arrow is the best portable amp on the market at that price I reckon.    
Then you automatically disqualify yourself from the ace race my friend.  Come on, get with the program.    
save for a J3
You make critical listening sound like a disease.....   I agree though - the Ety ER4s are drier than sandpaper on toast  
Hey Skylab - when you gonna buy a Headstage Arrow and bin all those expensive bricks?
You what??   Oh, ok.  Half past three.
Um, I might be being stupid here, but surely if you plan to convert those ER4P into ER4S, then you'll be needing the Arrow to drive them adequately?  I cant say for sure because I havent tried them with the J3, but my iPod Classic definitely needing amping to drive the ER4S I had a while ago.  The ER4P worked perfectly well, but the S was a different beast.  
Judging by your disappointment with the e-Q5s, I have a feeling you'd have been better off with the 262s, even with no amp.   Certainly,judging by my memory of the e-Q7s, the 262s are well ahead of them.    
Using my J3 with RE262 iems and Headstage Arrow amp. Kicks the arse of my ears every time I press play.  
If you want a good laugh, check out What Hi-Fi's site or magazine and read their cable reviews, especially the HDMI ones.    Mind you, this is a bunch of 'experts' who consistently rave about the Sennheiser CX-300 and give it 5 stars, so what do you expect.   Anyway, on the subject of iPod Classics, another reason I'll not get another one is cos I had two of them corrupt on me within the...
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