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not really - is same price pretty much as J3 was at launch....   I wonder if the J3 will be discounted once the D3 takes off? That would make it even more of a killer proposition for those interested mostly in audio and not needing wifi/video etc.    
I find it difficult to deal with them because if you tell them to hop it, they take offence, not to mention the fact that if you do get ripped off you haven't got a leg to stand on.  
For those in UK interested in the D3, Advanced MP3 Players are taking prebookings for mid February:   I got my J3 from these guys and they are pretty good people.
I was thinking of buying something off ebay from a one legged black Russian muslim in North Korea with the username ScamUbadSukka, but reading this thread I'm not too sure now.
Ditch the Complys - they suck the devil's balls.
There are a myriad of manufacturers out there all making different DACs for home use that claim to be better than others at converting those digits mate - just check out any hi-fi magazine or website for conflicting reviews and kit ranging from budget prices to four figure costs and rising. Its the same with any component from amp to speakers. In the portable market, the scene is less crowded but you can still find a fair few different dac units you can hook up to your...
I'll check back for first impressions in another couple of years then
Welcome to sanity  
What this clever chap said.  It's the DAC that effectively translates the digital 1s and Os of the recording into analogue so you can put it in your ears and hear music etc.      Quote:
T-shirt tech for me too
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