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I dont see anything wrong with the D3 hardware-wise, merely a few things that could be fixed with firmware updates. I suspect further down the line it will sing a song much more agreeable to the grumbly nit-picking likes of you and I. Watch this space and have faith.  After the triumph of the J3, the Force is still strong with Cowon.
There are some excellent clinics in Switzerland which would accommodate you perfectly.
what this very wise person said.  
Proedros is no idiot but he is wrong - do listen to me.   Check this out:  
what music player are you using and do you have a portable amp? Type of music you listen to?
save more money and get something better  
People who moan about microphonics are too sensitive for this world.
Get over your anti-touchscreen bias and get a J3.  Whats the problem? You just put your finger on the screen to select stuff.  It even has buttons on the sides of the player too so you can change tracks and volume etc without having to use the screen.   Do it.
That's complete nonsense. Wearing down is easy and I much prefer it to over the ear. I commute by combination of train and walking and never had any problems with wearing iems down.   to the OP - In terms of upgrades to ER4P, you'll struggle to find an iem with the same levels of detail retrieval, but if you are prepared to sacrifice that a little, I'll throw you a curveball and suggest the dynamic driver RE252.  It is neutral, low impedence (unlike the better but 150ohm...
I said 'discount', not 'discontinue' - there's a difference.  I meant I wonder if they will reduce the price of the J3.
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