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yeah but what other iems around that price have you heard?  
Its your brain. Those things have more of a tendency to be faulty than mechanical equipment..     Quote:
Those of you using a JH3A and JH13s/JH16s in public shouldn't worry about having them stolen, given you've more than likely got enough spare cash floating around to employ bodyguards to escort you everywhere.
Someone please convince me of the benefits of these user customised UIs - include links and screenshots if you can - cos I have zero issues with the stock Cowon one (now that I've arranged just the ircons I need onto the first page)
Over here in the UK, the annoyingly populist audio & visual magazine 'What Hi-Fi' have given the X10 and X10i 5 star raves for a couple of years now, which is one (of many) reasons I have come to hate the publication.   Having heard the X10i, I can only say it sounds alright, if bass domination and muddy mids are what you're after. At the stupidly high price they retail for, they're probably the biggest ripoff in the universal iem world. You could spend half the...
For those lucky few of you who are pairing the RE262 with your Cowon J3, here are the custom EQ settings I am using. I am running the J3 with a Headstage Arrow amp too, but you should still get beautiful sounding noises even if you're sonicventuring unamped.  Feel free to try these and tell me I'm an idiot though, cos chances are my ears don't hear like yours....   EQ bands: 80hz - wide - 0 300hz - wide - 0 1.1khz - wide - 2 3.0khz - wide - 3 13khz - wide -...
RE262.  Buy it. Now.
In the UK, Fanny is slang for vagina, and wang is slang for penis.   I can therefore only conclude that Fanny Wangs must be very balanced iems.  
I've had the ER4P, ER4S and the HF5 and loved them all - that 'ultra sharp imaging' you mention is indeed their defining characteristic.  However, the main reason I've moved on (to the RE262 currently - so a shift from BA to dynamic) is due to the small soundstage.  Of course, thats a bi-product of the deep insertion using the triple flanges, but it does weigh against the immersiveness of the experience - almost akin to listening down the wrong end of a sonic telescope....
RE262.  My new mantra until everyone in the known geekyverse has a pair.
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