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Ah, I dunno about the sauna/Sansa interface!  Ha.  Probably worth a shot if you're willing to accept the loss of the thing, but otherwise I wouldn't risk it.  It's not the heat so much as the water that will kill it.  I work in the mobile phone industry and internal water damage to circuits and screens is the most prevalent cause of ruin we see.  I can only imagine steam will find a way into the Fuze one way or another, no matter how much you wrap it up.  Not to...
I got my RE262s used for €130 and they're perfect.     That would be my recommendation too - the 262s tick all the boxes.  
I use Media Monkey on my PC to manage music before transferring it to my J3 and whatever name / artist I decide to tag to the track will be transferred to the Cowon exactly as I have designated it.  So if you go down that route you'll be fine.    
Ta.  So what I do with these things when I've downloaded them?  
cool - all sounds good. Where do I get them from?  
Moral of the story: music is for dry land
Good man.  Just say no to crApple.   Actually, the Cowon J3 does have a EU cap if you select EU as your home region when configuring the player, but you can easily select USA and get round it.    
I wouldnt put anything past crApple.  They jumped the shark years ago.
I agree.  
hey MVW2 - I love reading your reviews, but have a quesiton about this one.  In all the pics you've posted of the iems used, you seem to be using foam tips, a la Comply or equivalent.  Is that the case?  I'm particularly interested in which tips you're using with the RE262, as I never ever use foam tips, given they usually suck all the treble into a black hole.
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