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Sure, but becoming deaf by listening to music?  What a way to go!  
it does, if you read it from left to right.  
Play music louder
Nope - the 252s are quite analytical.  The 262s are different - much more musical and with plenty-o-bass.    
One man's geek is another man's guru. Methinks you are being a little pedantic and semantic.   You are clearly not a Facebook friend of that tree in the forest, I can see.   Phil Collins sounds shite in any language, that much I can tell you. That's objective.
I dunno about you, but my subconscious is too busy pretending to be Spiderman or shagging movie stars to bother with music.
I think he was banned when it was discovered he'd taken one for the team and punched that weirdo who runs Monster in the face.   Quote:
I have 1G Arrow too.  Strangely, I bought the Arrow when it first came out, sold it then rebought a 1G a month or so back.  I've looked at what the 3G offers over the 1G and to be frank I can't be bothered sending it off and paying the extra just for that minimal upgrade.    Or am I missing some big leap in fidelity and functionality that the new gen offers?   Quote:
As my ex-girlfriend got me a subscription to the middle-of-the-road populist What Hi-Fi magazine over here about a year ago, I've noticed that they have increasingly begun to focus not only on TV and Blu-ray reviews but also to shift from two-channel to home streaming and high-function daps like the Touch and iPhone etc.  There's no doubt that traditional home audio set ups are losing out to home theatre rigs, where audio is just one component of the picture (pun...
Only use the free version.  Not sure what the full price version offers to be honest - but strangely enough I have noted that ripping from CD to MP3 is not possible with the freeware, whereas Flac is!  So if I need MP3s from a CD I just rip to flac then convert to MP3 with Switch File Converter (also free).    But then I'm tight like that and if I can get something free I will!  You might be different....    
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