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I agree with you 134.7%  
Ah man, I coulda told you that would be the case - if the e-Q5 is anything like the e-Q7 music will sound like it's in a shoebox compared to the SM3.  
Um, ok, if you say so.  But who are you anyway? And can you prove that?    Mate, you haven't got the first clue about reality, but that's fine because neither have I.  Nor pretty much any scientist.    Yet.   But it will come, and once it's discovered, you will be surprised.   Maybe. Or not.  
I love this stuff and I love this article - thank you for posting it!
Physicists can't even say what reality is.  Me, I'm all for the holographic universe theory, or at the very least the computer simulation theory.  Beyond that, it's all up for grabs as far as I am concerned.  Except Phil Collins, who is undeniably, quantifiably, qualitatively shite.  
Ah, no worries mate - there are more conspiracy theories regarding my premature death than Elvis. In fact, me and the Pres often get together for a pint and have a little chortle about the more wacky ones.   My mobility scooter, on the other hand, is mortally offended by your cheek.  
The guy who runs monster is on the right of this photo.    
And without horse tranquilisers you wouldn't be able to post what you just wrote.   Mate, can you translate that into proper words for me?  
The most expensive and biggest one you can get, cos you seem a bit mad.   The SM3 don't need an amp with the S9, you just need to play with the EQ a bit.  Up the treble bands a little and see if that helps.
Trade her in for an upgrade.
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