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Senns are the most faked iems on the market mate, I'd be very careful where you get them from.  Prob best to avoid eBay like the plague....
Brilliant - you finally took the plunge eh?   I'm eager to hear your thoughts once they arrive. I reckon you'll love em.....   As for amps, I dunno -  I use the Arrow but thats outside your budget.  Am sure you can get plenty recommendations if you ask same question in portable amp forum though....  
Quick, buy what you've decided to buy, before you get so many alternative suggestions you tear all your hair out and start crying!
Good God man, and you also voluntarily wear a top advertising England?  Sheesh
which is why the only legitimate way to test the differences between components iand verify the veracity of marketing claims is via double blind tests held under controlled circumstances, such as those suggested by this article.
It's about time too - he was rubbish in those Police Academy films.
Unfortunately I guess you're right - there are some people out there who are that unbalanced.
what kind of madman would actually want to wear those on their head in public?
RE262.   No idea where you'll get them from, sorry, but they sound ace and should put a smile on your face.
"I'm addicted to placebos. I'd give them up, but it wouldn't make any difference." ~ Steven Wright
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