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True. Ultrasones do need a good deal of burn in. Got my 650s today. I've only listened to them for a couple of minutes but so far they sound a lot like my 750s but with a better controlled bass. I'll be doing more comparisons after the 200 hour burn in mark. Loser gets sold. Let the fun begin.
Quote:   Will do. Though I'm not the most experienced listener I'll try to do a decent comparison once everything is burned in of course.   Take my initial findings with a grain of salt. They will probably change as my excitement may have leaked over into my impressions. Too early to tell though. I've only listened to them for about thirty minutes so I haven't covered all the bases yet. They do have a couple of qualities that I could see as being negative for what I...
Just got my W1000s (and Pro 650s). Guess which one I tried first?  Yep you guessed it. They were just too beautiful to let sit there.   I'm currently running these from my uDac so it's probably not the best match but seems adequate.     Initial thoughts: Very beautiful cans. Extremely comfortable probably the most comfortable cans I own. They disappear from the top of my head unlike the D2000s or DT990s. I have noticed a bit of heat buildup but nothing to really...
Welcome to Head-Fi.   What are your music preferences? How do you like your music to sound (bass, treble, soundstage, etc)?
I love the DT990s for gaming even over the DT770s. They sound so clear and crisp with excellent soundstage. I feel they are just about perfect for gaming. Both are great options. Of course I can't help as much as I'd like as I've never heard the AD700s.
The 770s are far from balanced. Massive amounts of bass and a recessed midrange. The Shures or Beyers mentioned are both great options as they are fairly neutral. Of course if you're still curious and have a Guitar Center close by you can go and give them a listen.
Welcome to Head-Fi.   What's your budget and music preferences? They are quite different cans.
Coiled cables are generally good when using as a portable as the cord strecthes out and doesn't take up too much space. If you're going to use these walking around then a coiled cable would be a better solution as it's easy to manage.   The straight cable which I prefer is good for longer distances say plugged into a computer as it doesn't tug at the headphones like the coiled cable does when you stretch it out. I find it isn't as annoying as a coiled cable too but...
The Pro 750s are more balanced than the 780s which I find to be more aggressive. The 750s are still very engaging though. The Pro 750 is essentially an all around more refined version of the 780. I'm not sure of the isolation of each but it seems adequate when I listen to my 750s.
You might also want to consider looking at a HD580 or HD600. As I understand it they are very close to the HD650 sound but cost less some even prefer them to the 650.
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