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For gaming with closed cans I'd recommend the DT770/80. Great for movies and gaming but only okay for the music I listen to, imo. They are very comfortable as well. They go for close to $100 on the used market. Can't say that it'll be a upgrade from your Logitechs though as I've never heard them. If you're interested and have a guitar center close by you can go and try them out. I'll be getting rid of one of my pairs soon so if you decide to get some feel free to pm...
I completely forgot about the Pro 900 pads. They look a lot more natural with the 650 than 750 pads. I think I'll also replace the headband pad with one from a Pro 900. I don't really care for the pleather. Can I expect any difference in comfort with these changes?   Quote: Lol. Yeah, I purchased a Pro 750 from a member here about 2 days before the Pro 650 deal so I ended up with both. I couldn't pass it up for $100. I have to stop spending money. I really can't afford it.
You'll be wanting the Beyer DT250 pads if I'm not mistaken. You can find them here. The DT770 pads will fit but you'll have to do some modding IIRC.
I'd take the Beyer and Sony off your list. The DT770 has a ridiculous amount of bass but it's uncontrolled and boomy. It also suffers from a very recessed midrange. Ultrasones might be worth looking at though I'm not sure what models are in your pricerange over there so I can't comment specifically.
The SR60s are really good for rock. My only two complaints were the excessive/harsh treble and lack of bass. This was resolved somewhat using different pads. I've heard the SR80s have more bass so they may be a good option. If what I've read on the Denons is correct they have a good amount of bass and do well with the more bass intensive genres while the Grados excel with rock. The M50s might also be worth considering.
Shiny. Can't wait to hear if they do anything to the sound. Congrats!
You can also grab a set of beyer pads to help with the comfort of the 780s.
True. Ultrasones do need a good deal of burn in. Got my 650s today. I've only listened to them for a couple of minutes but so far they sound a lot like my 750s but with a better controlled bass. I'll be doing more comparisons after the 200 hour burn in mark. Loser gets sold. Let the fun begin.
Quote:   Will do. Though I'm not the most experienced listener I'll try to do a decent comparison once everything is burned in of course.   Take my initial findings with a grain of salt. They will probably change as my excitement may have leaked over into my impressions. Too early to tell though. I've only listened to them for about thirty minutes so I haven't covered all the bases yet. They do have a couple of qualities that I could see as being negative for what I...
Just got my W1000s (and Pro 650s). Guess which one I tried first?  Yep you guessed it. They were just too beautiful to let sit there.   I'm currently running these from my uDac so it's probably not the best match but seems adequate.     Initial thoughts: Very beautiful cans. Extremely comfortable probably the most comfortable cans I own. They disappear from the top of my head unlike the D2000s or DT990s. I have noticed a bit of heat buildup but nothing to really...
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