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Quote: Weird mine have become more sensitive to treble. I can't stand anything that has too much elevated highs or sibilance for very long anymore. Which is why I ended up with the LCD2.
Quote: Lol I'm still hoping for that one but after being here three years I haven't seen anything remotely close. I find not letting it come up in conversation is the best course of action. Otherwise you get weird stares.
Quote: Sorry for the OT but what amp did you end up getting for the MMGs?
A HD700 or HD850? Sennheisers designed by Kayne?
Buying: Nothing! Although I would like to try out an HE6 and R10 along with a Zana at a meet.   Selling: Everything except the AD2000, LCD2, woodied T50, CK10s, and M50s.... unless of course I get speakers.
I love the AD2000s with my GLite (Dynalo). They really seem like they mate well. Granted I haven't heard it with many different amps but short of a Zana rig or the upcoming X2 I don't feel the need to upgrade. I would love to hear the Zana someday though FWIR it's a legendary combination. These are one of the only cans that are going to survive the LCD-2.
They're still available but I have to get some sleep now so I can get up early tomorrow. I'll respond to pms in the morning. Thanks!   Yep. I attempted to fix it but I couldn't remove all the hairs from the diaphragm so I couldn't completely remove the rattle. 
Quote: I've sent you a PM with the details to avoid a discussion. I do think this may be relevant to those interested in this listing so I'll answer the question quickly. (If the mods disagree please remove this post).   In short they are pretty easy to open. All you have to do is pull off the pads and remove the plastic ring holding the driver baffle and you have full access to mod to your heart's content.
Beyer also makes DT770s in 32ohms though it's in their premium line. If it does well with my other cans this may become a buy although I've had my eye on the X2 for awhile.
A playoff system would be great! I really don't watch many of the earlier bowl games anyway. You could probably even have companies sponsor the rounds or specific games depending on how it was set up so not really any loss of revenue. Of course picking the teams to go into the playoffs might be a bit of a problem.   On another note I'm now 5-5! Thank you WV for all the turnovers!
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