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Quote: What!? You didn't like the lumpy, booming bass the tin can vocals and the not existent midrange not to mention the shoddy build quality? Simply to die for (or because of).   Anyway back on topic....   The reactions of my friends and family have varied wildly. By far the most common reaction is "These sound nice." then taking them off after listening all of 15 seconds and that was that.   A few positive reactions have been: "Whoa, these sound better than my car...
Quote: If you're interested you can try to source the D7000 cups from MarkL at Lawton Audio. That's where I picked mine up from and the price was actually really affordable. I don't think he does too much with the D5000 as they are the same as the D2000 with the exception of the cable and cups but it couldn't hurt to ask.
Quote: The short answer is it doesn't take long at all. Simply if you're an audiophile you enjoy good quality and sound. I think that those who are impressed by 'audiophile headphones' are apart of this classification. The only caveat is that it takes time and experience to appreciate the differences and discern them. For this reason, I felt that handing out impressions when I didn't have any real experience was if anything detrimental to newbies but that's aside from the...
Black Eyed Peas: I honestly can't stand most of what they pass off as music now. I saw a live performance on tv (a Christmas special, I believe) and it was just miserable. Whoever their producer is deserves a raise. Taylor Swift: um yeah no....sorry. Katy Perry: She is pretty hot though. Most modern rap and hip-hop "artists": No explanation needed I think.
Quote: I'd say maybe two of them were solely due to the defensive effort of FSU. The others were a missed routes and dropped balls. There were some other close calls that would have been due to the defense of the Noles but they missed most of those. FSU's defense wasn't bad but it wasn't quite as good as SCs imo. Their offense did well with 414 yards but those turnovers killed them. Florida State's offense was basically a ground game with 218 yards and only 90 yards...
No fit issues whatsoever over here. The pads provide just the right amount of clamp without overdoing it for me. I got mine about 3 weeks ago for reference.
In front of the computer (at school) or laying back in a recliner (at home).
Well the Tennessee game was terribly disappointing. We had it and just fell apart at the end. Admittedly it wasn't pretty throughout but I wish that last redemption for NC had of played out differently. Two times in a season what a poetic note to go out on. I thought the South Carolina game was pathetic for both sides (well except for SC's defense). I don't really have much respect for FSU when they can't put the game away when they had the benefit of 4 turnovers in the...
Yep a month is pretty close to the time it took mine to arrive. Some have been faster and some a little slower.
I'm assuming they're either these or these. Very rare from what I understand.
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