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Quote: Hahaha that's what I was just telling my dad. He's pretty confident in the Hogs though. I'm looking forward to a good game (despite it's controversy). Here's to hoping some things don't change.
Quote: They don't do too bad with my netbook but they sound much better with better gear. As Bigrock said the AD2000s do very well without an amp (better with one but what doesn't?). It really depends on what you like though (bass, mids, treble, soundstage, imaging, tonality, speed, detail, etc).
Perhaps the search function would help. I don't think there is a "best". It all depends on your preferred presentation. What are you looking for in your sound?   Here's the short list (I'm sure I'm missing something): AKG K1000 Grado HP1000 Beyerdynamic T1 Sennheiser HD800 Stax (I can't remember all the models but a few of them) JVC DX1000 Denon D7000 Hifiman HE6 Audez'e LCD-2 Sony Qualia (don't know how much they run now) Audio Technica W5000...
Quote: I wund'r if'n thurs a gram'r thred round thez perts...
Quote: Yep they've just been in the IEM market until now. It'll be interesting to see what they've come up with. I'm still hoping for something that sounds good and can appeal to the mass market.
I can't wait for Starship inspired ibuds!!
Say it ain't so Sleek! At least they look more durable than the Beats. I may give them a listen if I find one on display.
About a week ago, one of my dad's friends from work was telling him that his son was looking into buying some good headphones and my dad told him to talk to me. As should be expected he was set on the Beats or those Bose over ears so I told him to look at M50, 840, and DT770 (if he wanted a lot of bass) among others and give them a listen. Surprisingly he bought the 840s after an audition. Officially my first convert!
Thanks for the review! Very well written and thought out. Wish I'd seen it earlier.   I'm headed down the same road with the Asgard it would seem. The first time I switched over from the GLite to the Asgard with the LCD2s and some Diana Krall I was left missing something and largely unimpressed. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more time with both of these amps soon and try out my RS1. I might end up looking for a good replacement for the GLite in a few months...
Quote: As ZombieX said contacting Beyer is the best bet if they are under warranty. I'd also contact B&H to see what they have to say. I'm sure Pete will help you out. He's really a nice guy. If all else fails drivers are roughly $60 from Beyer last time I got a quote.
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