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Quote: It was exceedingly useful as it gave me plenty of time to prepare for the enemy. In MW2, I combined it with Sit Rep Pro and it was freakish. It does take some getting used to but after you have it nailed down it's divine. I will say the AT AD2000 was very good for gaming too although some right/left cues were missed the soundstage was simply effortless whereas the K701 required some thought and time to get used to. It does seem to be different for everyone though...
Quote: I do too!   Anyway I guess I should make a positive contribution to this thread. I've tried a lot of the cans on the list you've given and so far nothing really touches the K701s. They give you a scary heads-up on where enemies are with plenty of time to position yourself accordingly and great imaging. The DT770 and DT990 didn't have the imaging I needed (blindspot some posters mentioned) which is why I never tried the DT880 as I heard it had the same issue. The...
^Agreed. I believe we've tried a lot of the same cans so it should make for a good read. Looking forward to your writeup!
Quote: hahaha It does seem that way sometimes. I've had to resist the urge to shoot people through walls because of that.
Quote: I really liked the K701 with gaming. It gave me a ridiculous advantage although the presentation was rather unnatural sounding, however, my K/D went up and I was called a hacker enough. I may buy another pair for use as a gaming can but I didn't really care for them with music so maybe just an AD700 or K601. I still need to try the LCD2 with gaming to see how they do.
I really enjoyed them with the GLite (Dynalo) when I had them. What budget are you looking at?
I wouldn't worry too much about that. I've had well over 30 transactions as either buyer or seller here and so far all but 2 have gone flawlessly or better than expected. Paypal does help a bit if you run into an issue and can usually get you some money back. I'm not saying it's completely safe but for the most part there aren't many issues. You are right to be cautious though as a fool and his money are soon parted so if anything looks too good to be true proceed with...
I've seen the HD600s go around the $200-$230 range. I also wouldn't pick up the D2000s if you want mids.
....and sold. Thanks for the interest!
Yep sold. Thanks for the interest!
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