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Quote: What he said. I would like to give the MS-Pro a try someday though.
Well if you're going unamped, I'd suggest getting something other than the D2000. While I really liked it when I had it (especially modded) you end up wasting it's potential without other equipment.
I'm considering selling or trading the HF2 I recently got in a trade. I really like it but it's not quite filling the role I was hoping it would and I'm in need of some money for college so something is going to have to give. It's a little dinged but in perfect sonic condition. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow if I can scrounge up a camera. I'm not really sure what to ask for them so send me a pm with your offer.   As for shipping I'll send them via USPS insured...
I have an extra set of Flats laying around from when I had a RS1. I'm getting rid of them because they don't get along well with my HF2s. The pads have been used once by me and are in like new condition.   I'm looking for $30 shipped within the Conus. I'd prefer to keep it conus but if you're international I have no problem filling out some customs forms so don't hesitate to ask. I'll only be able to ship on the weekend unless I manage to find some free time during...
I felt an amp was almost a necessity with the D2000s. The bass was somewhat boomy and uncontrolled when unamped but tightened considerably with proper amplification. How will you be using these? I'll also throw in the Sennheiser HD25-I II in the mix. What kind of music do you listen to? Would you consider getting an amp in the future? Do you have any way to demo some of your choices?
I spent around $250 for a pair on here.
Quote: Same. I really don't have anyone to pull for this time around.
Done and done. Good luck with your project!
Quote: Yep. You have to fill out the order form. I guess your email must've fallen through the cracks. I've had very good response times from them with the exception of one email.
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