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Well, I lost my power adapter for my y2 and have been unable to listen to my rig for a couple of weeks now. I've been inordinately busy as of late and haven't gotten around to replacing it. If anyone has an extra they'd be willing to sell or knows of a place I can buy one I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks!
They've been traded. Sorry for the confusion.
The Crystal Method "Falling Hard" on some AD2000s.   Nice choice. I love Deadmau5!
double post
Not really sure why you can't see it...
My bad. It's short for solid state.
I always thought they did very well with SS amps. My GLite (dynalo design) does a fantastic job with them. As for running unamped they actually do much better than I thought they would. They are one of the only cans that I can't see me selling at some point.
Quote: I personally would go with the DT990s for gaming and movies unless you need some sort of isolation. From what I remember the Sones (Pro650/750) did well with gaming but not to the level of the DT990s. Still it has been awhile since I've listened to either so take that with a grain of salt.
I tried a pair out but they came across as more sterile and trebley than the K701. Don't get me wrong they are technically proficient and insanely quick but they just weren't my cup of tea.
Whoa I just noticed this thread. Great writeup! Thanks for taking the effort to put this together. Your thoughts mirror my own on most of the cans I've had. I definitely agree on your findings with the K701. I recently repurchased a K701 as my main gaming can. I still need to give the LCD-2 a go to see how it compares but it keeps slipping my mind.
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