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A GLite or dynalo would drive it pretty nicely. And it does do pretty well for gaming. What are you looking to spend?
I'd definitely be interested. If the date works out I'll bring a bunch of my gear along!
Whoa I've been out of the loop for a while. I really wish I hadn't sold my modded denons now.
No me gusta.   I found them to have overwhelming, uncontrolled boomy bass, extremely recessed mids, and somewhat sparkly highs.   What I did like about them was comfort, soundstage (for a closed can), and build quality. They also isolate reasonably well too. If movies (and games) were my thing I'd guess they'd be a pretty good fit but for music I feel there are better cans.
I've heard the 580, 780 and HD25-1 and I have to agree with Proglover on rock music and the 580/780. IMO they were much better suited towards electronic music while the HD25s did better with rock if my memory serves correctly. The 580s are very agressive though with a big treble and bass but lack the midrange presence of Grados. Still no two ears are alike so it wouldn't surprise me if someone felt differently. Is there any possibility of auditioning any of your choices?
I'm a college student and I work internships during the summer and in a research position during the school year. I've also been saving almost everything since I was 9 and I have a couple of investments from dabbling in the stock market. I also bargain hunt and fix up and sell things in my spare time. This next year is going to be rough though so I'll probably have to sell a lot of my gear.
"Anyone around here try the W1000X with gaming?" -maverickronin   Sorry, I'm having trouble with quoting. I currently have the W1000X's and have tried them with gaming but I haven't done any in depth analysis as of yet. I'm a little busy at the moment but I think I can manage a good listen sometime in the next week or so if you're interested. I can't guarantee that I'll remember or have the time though so just shoot me a pm if I forget. I also have the LCD-2s,...
Thank you for the heads up and congrats on the job! It sounds like a nice setup.
Thanks for your help! I just placed my order and can't wait for it to get back to listening. Thanks again!
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