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I am very interested in beta testing these headphones.
I played around with the 49720 and the opa 1612. The quality change WAS SIGNIFICANT for the better. However the amp died eventually. I only did this because I was making the B22 amp. I have yet to learn more about amplifiers and touching this amp was not a good choice for me. It was an expensive lesson.      Don't touch it unless you know how to match the opamp with the existing circuitry or modding the whole circuit itself.
I hope I get my first Hifiman product! Thanks Hifiman @xxe1337forcexx Douglas Kim
This is my first thread and it's my first DIY. I plan on changing the AD8692 to a OP1612. I have looked over specifications of both opamps and I believe they are similar enough to do this upgrade.   Before I actually get started in desoldering the AD8692 I would like to get an input from the community.    
This is my view on the Beats by Dre. The sound is not that all great, the bass is over amplified, the hiss from the amplifier is just screams NOISE, and finally the pressure inside the headphone is just unbearable. So what does a over amplified bass sound like? It sounds like fart, well not exactly like fart but very close. The drivers are almost right on your ear so the sound you perceive is very solid and flat left right. I have a Sennheiser 595 and I would say that...
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