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Hey all, As indicated by the classified, I'm looking to sell my Meier 3Move portable dac/amp, which is in great condition. Asking price is $225 shipped within Aus, and Australian buyers are preferred, but I will ship overseas if you are willing to pay the costs.   My reason for selling is that I'm intending on upgrading my gear.   I am the third owner, having owned it since April '10 and purchased the amp from fellow Head-fier rc0. Everything that I...
I might be a late entrant. Thanks for letting me know yukari. I don't have much to offer.   Hifiman Re0 Denon D2000 Meier Corda 3Move
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If you liked your er6i's, then the Re0's will be perfect for you as their sound sigs were quite similar to me when i listened to them side by side; I preferred the Re0's much much more though
I've used 400's with my RE0's and they fit perfectly.
There is a great difference between the two. As mentioned above, the Re0's are have much more emphasis on the sparkly high end; the bass is light. This sound signature is quite different to the Portapro's which have boomy, bloated  bass in comparison. If you liked the the Portapros, I'd reccommend looking at other iems. At the price point that I think you're looking at, take a look into: HJE900, Hippo VB, NuForce NE-6, Klipsch S4 or VSonic R02Pro2. 
This is perfect as I'm currently deciding what to study at uni and decide on career path that i'd like to follow. Audio Engineering was something I seriously considered but I didn't know too much about how to get there.
Looked like a great meet. Congratualtions on another successful gathering; hopefully next time I can attend :)
I'm still new to this audio hobby, but so are many of my friends whom I have introduced to my fantastic Re0's. Four of which eventually went on to buy the re0 or re2 as well. Although I've only listened to a limited number of iem's, some of which are up to 5 times the price of the Re0, I have always prefered my Re0 over all for it's clarity and detail (not to mention generous value) even with its shortfall in bass level; I planned to remedy this by purchasing the Re252...
actually it's Beyer T1 and Audez'e LCD-2. HD800 has 1 less than re0.   on topic: Re0's are great for their price and are said to rival some renowned iems that cost much much more. I own them and I don't feel the need to upgrade from them anytime soon. Although the RE-Zero looks very alluring.
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