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hm602 is mroe expensive than x. hm602 will be 300-400$ based on what Nankai had posted.
Waiting for some impressions :D
Its one of the best ways to get the best sounding dap. And it costs really low considering its sound quality.
Man, I gotta read it xD And for sure, im gonna pm you warp :P Im still waiting for you to get JH-3a/JH16 and if it would be possible: hm602 and em3pro and westone es5, so I could know a guy who got all the stuff that im considering xd
Clip+ or Fuze rockboxed if size and sq does matter as a prior. I wont mess up your head with sflo2 or sony x1050 since it might be better, but only might and it really depends on rest of your system/rig and on your music prefferences. But, you cant go wrong with those two sansa's.
I think that ath-m50 amp isnt really needed. Im basing on its spec's, not by experience. Clip+ is great dap. uDac is very cheap, so I think the best way to see if its needed, is just buying it. If you wont like it, you could return it using return policy or you could sell it for a bit less. You wont loose on it. Better, you will gain more experience ;)
It isnt a no-go for audiophiles, since many audiophiles are audiophile about a one kind of audiophile stuff: portable headphone or home headphone or home speakers or caraudio stuff. iPods dont sound bad, those sound good, but not very good if youre used to listen to high-end(lets say 1000$++) stuff. An audiophile, truly audiophile can be very satisfied if the likes the sound signature of it, but he could be only satisfied. If truly audiophile looks for audiophile...
Cowon i9 <<<< Fuze and Clip+ rockboxed
I think that just sending your imod to RWA is better way. It will get better battery, better parts which are supposed to lack in quality and you could incrase your storage capacity.
Damn, I gotta borrow one from one of mine mates and try it. It could be good choice for highend iems.
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