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thanks for the opinion, anyone else have any views?     i'm still tempted towards the Brainwavz M2 but i'm unsure about the mids/highs as posts what i've seen are all varied
after more and more reading i've come at a stalemate between the     Etymotic MC5   and   Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5     what are your opinions?
anyone else share their knowledge with me?
I wasn't aware that they sold them there, i'll have a look.     it's a shame that these headphones aren't perfect as I crave the bass which my PL21s had although the quality of everything else wasn't excellent..   to how much of an extent is the bass weak it all depends on how weak it is, i could swing £60 at a push.   thanks for the reply.
I have been searching all morning and a few headphones have caught my eye namely:   Brainwavz M2 - look really nice and build looks good - people say they have nice bass, but not much is mentioned about the treble and i'm wondering if they would be suitable for primarily heavy metal listening?   the head-direct RE0 looks nice although including shipping to the UK they are fair expensive, and reviews state they lack bass but there is extreme detail in the non-bass...
Thanks for the replies, i'm not a bass head by any means, i'm just not completely satisfied with my HD201s which don't have much bass at all :)
Suppose I better give you some background - I currently own some Soundmagic PL21 IEMs and I like them, but after a year of use they've finally come to their death and they need replacing, I am in the UK so bear in mind, some headphone choices which are available in the USA might not be available here. I currently own some large circumaural Sennheiser HD201s and I like these when they're run through my home theater amplfiier but less so when they're directly...
I've seen reviews for the M9 and M11 without the microphones, but does anyone have the models with the microphones, and what are your opinions on them?   Also compared to the M9 are the M11s worth the extra 40$?
I need some pennies first
Whether it be an internal soundcard or an external DAC, what will give me the best sound quality for under 100 GBP? (must be available in the UK or EU)
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