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Should be ample current for it. Enough for adding a bunch of LEDs too.
The original used a .38A (or 380mA) PS. The .313A might not be enough to get it up and running. You planning on using some LEDs with it? Power LED, tube LEDs? The tube heater draws 150mA of current, and since you have two tubes both will draw 300mA of current. Throw in a LED or two tube LEDs and your proposed PS runs out of juice pretty fast.
If you don't want tube LEDs just omit them and their associated resistors.
Got mine today. Looks good. Thanks!
The minimum is 48 volts, 0.38A, so 0.4A is enough to get it up and running.
  It does indeed get hot, that's perfectly normal for this amp. How hot it gets is also a function of how large the heatsinks you used are. Bigger heatsinks cool things better.
  Yes they are!
Hmm less robust is debatable... My Mini3 with ARZ still going strong after nearly 3 years. The opamp doesn't get really hot in use either. Running form the line out of my iPod with volume knob @ 12 o'clock into a 32 ohm Sennheiser PX-100ii (= pretty loud, borders on the uncomfortable for me) I measure 12 degrees above ambient. Yeah I know, totally unscientific. 
The AD8397 comes in two flavors, the -ARDZ and the -ARZ. The -ARDZ has the E-pad, which allows you to use the PCB as a heatsink for better cooling for higher power applications. In the Mini3 the -ARDZ can be replaced with the -ARZ, see Mini3 construction notes. My Mini3 has the AD8397ARZ in it. Works fine too.    The pad doesn't need to be soldered in order to function, the Mini3 construction notes advise to apply some thermal grease between the pad and PCB. Some...
This one perhaps?
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