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  My exact experience! But long term, not sure I'll stick widit.... gimme back my BASS!     Can't you just use the bass boost on that sansui?
It is comfy, and makes the headphone a much better fit. I wish Fang would have used models with a smaller head than his to design the HE-6 headband. The pad came off a cheap gaming headphone (I think Altec Lancing) that I used for parts in a Magnum build. I keep looking for the same pad but still no luck. 
Those look like the Lawton pads for Denon's old D series. I am using my original Denon pads from the D7k which I sold to a buddy with the Lawton pads. From what I recall the difference between the pads was that the Lawton pads gave everything more detail but reduced the bass impact. Please let us know if these are a worthy mod (I have tried original leather and fiber, LCD-2 leather, Bayer pleather Hm5 pleather, and these original Denon pads). So far I still find the...
Sounds like you need an LCD-2
I need to sell some gear first but this is probably my next headphone. I am curious if any of you XC owners kept your LCD-2's or LCD-3's after you got these?
PM sent
I have had three vintage receivers all of which drove the LCD-2 and the HE-6 well. In fact the LCD-2 out of the HO on the sx125 sounds amazing. 
I have tried the taps direct. There is not much difference. I stopped because it's more convenient with the HO. I also have a mint serviced Sansui AU-717 which is only 80w/ch, which is noticeably better from the taps. However I think that anything over 100w it should not matter.  By the way if you like warmer sound the Sansui is almost tube like a tube amp.
The best I have heard the HE-6 is from the HO on my vintage Pioneer sx1250. That includes several high end rigs at meets here in LA (although MrRoger's tube set up was damn close and it had the tubey smoothness). However my pioneer has been driving speakers in the living room lately which is not where I listen to headphones, so they have been getting little to no use. Then on a whim (and based on Jude's comment that he used it to drive the HE-6) I purchased the HiFi-M8. I...
Would you consider splitting them up? How much for just the ipod? (I already have an I-20 and it works fine with the converter for charging and playing my wife's 5s)
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