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Do I risk blowing them up if I wire tap the SX-1250? I haven't tried that since re-cabling them.
OK did it. Offset = .8 L = 39.0 R = 38.7   Does that mean that my HE-6's are 38 ohm? That can't be especially if they are rated at 50 and everyone seems to be at or above that. Could the fact that I re-cabled mine to 4 pin mini xlr have anything to do with it? Is that why I am getting good results with lower wattage amps like the Hi-Fi M8. So many questions and no time to think about it today.
How are you measuring. Can we get detail instructions so that we can replicate.
If you want portable why are you looking at the HE-6?
 I am sure that Dr. Fang does OK, judging by the size of their booth at CES.But what does that have to do with the price of butter?
Please do tell.
Here is my optimal set up for the HE-6 (source is M8 or the Sony HAP-S1
Next time I see Alex I will be sure to mention it to him.
I am not sure I can explain it to you other than to say that "Driven" and "Driven to full potential" are miles apart.
Exactly like a speaker amplifier.If you were not happy with the LCD-XC out of your iphone, stay away from the HE-6. Anyone who does not believe that these need gobs of power to sound their best has not heard them anywhere near their best. This is a perfect example where measurements don't mean s@%t.Having said that I very much enjoy them from the Hifi-m8, and I own several vintage amps in excess of 100w/ch, but that is an exception.I also own an O2, other than making them...
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