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Back in Black Dropped it off with Howard at Audio Specialist (in the Valley) back in December. I forgot how good 80w/ch sounds, and how heavy it is.
I forgot to mention that with the HE-6 I use the highest gain setting and boost the bass up one level. I think it is accurate to say that the M8 does not drive the HE-6 to it's best level. And I also like the "relaxed" description, but sometimes that is also enough with certain types of music.
Does anyone here use their M8 with an HE-6? Other than Jude I have not heard anyone else's opinion on this combo. And for the record I know it should not be able to drive them, they need a speaker amp, bla, bla,. Please if you haven't heard the combo keep your opinion to yourself (because that is all it is). I have been enjoying the s#!t out of mine for the last three months and it only keeps getting better. So it's not new toy syndrome and I have heard the HE-6 properly...
Yeah 320 sounds good, I also found some Electronic and classical stations in 320. It also looks like the S1 is upscaling the stream through the DSEE engine. At least the blue light is on.
Cool,No rush. I am still playing around with it and really enjoying it. Listening to that Audiophile Jazz station you mentioned. Did you come across any other 320 streaming stations?
Thanks Vinnie.I would be greatly interested in what you think of the S1 as it is much more versatile than the Z1ES.If you could include it in your thoughts when developing your mod packs that would be awesome. One observation is that it puts out solid power from the speaker out (Using speaker taps to the HE-6) but the headphone jack is not getting all of it. Any way to harness more of the 40w/channel in the HO would be appreciated, and I think would make it a killer...
Those are the Denon D7000 pads.
If by socket you mean the connectors, then no it is relatively easy. Just be careful and snip the wires before you unscrew it from the headphone or else you will will pull them off of the drivers which could potentially damage the driver. The wire leads soldered to the driver are solid core so they are quite stiff and brittle, treat them with care and you can solder your wires to them. Otherwise you will need to disassemble the driver from the cup to to get access to the...
I hardwired mine to mini xlr
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