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Do you mind describing the source(s) you use. In particular which amps and how they pair.
If you like your 225i's and just want to increase the base from them: 1) do the tape mod, 2) get a CMOY BB 2.2 (which has bass boost).  This way you can  use the amp with your monster's, have enough for an LOD (which you will need to get the best from the ipod and amp) and money left over for a pair of D2000's (used). The other option is to sell your 225i and spend the extra 300 on a pair of HF-2's.
You must have hardware stores near you? I bought a roll of two sided velcro tape like a year ago at ACE and cut whatever shape/length I need. Plus if you heat it up with a hair drier for a minute, it comes off without any marks on the surface. 
Got mine today #1018 listening now. I have tried them with a Meir Corda Head Five, and ALO Rx and now trying with the MiniWatt through a headphone adapter. So far I like them best with the MiniWatt but lets see what happens with burn-in Anyone know how long these need to fully burn in? My 701's took almost 300 hours for the bass to show up, I wonder if these will take that long (the base is definitely already there it just isn't punchy yet).
I love those IC. May I inquire as t o where you got them?
Is this still available?
is this still available?
is this sold yet?
I have accumulated too many portable amps so this has too go. The tomahawk used to be my default travel amp because of its synergy with the sansa clip+ and the 300 hour battery life on 2 AAA's. However since I bought the sflo:2 I am not getting any use out of it so it should go to a new home. It is in Mint condition, serial number T300, comes with original packaging, felt bag and booklet. Let me know if you want pictures.  Payment through PayPal only.
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