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is this still available?
is this sold yet?
I have accumulated too many portable amps so this has too go. The tomahawk used to be my default travel amp because of its synergy with the sansa clip+ and the 300 hour battery life on 2 AAA's. However since I bought the sflo:2 I am not getting any use out of it so it should go to a new home. It is in Mint condition, serial number T300, comes with original packaging, felt bag and booklet. Let me know if you want pictures.  Payment through PayPal only.
$165 for felt pads and varnished wood plate adapter stuck on with putty? I paid half that for my 125's. I guess i will stick to my duck tape mod.
Are those Bayer pads on the HF-2's? Do you need to modify them to fit, if so what is the mod? I would love to get those without doing any mods, Grado pads suck s*&#!!
Is this thing a good match for the K 701s? I have the head-five and was disappointed that it does not realy push the 701, however it is good with my other phones.
X2 but with a micro SD slot.  
Sweet! Does the shadow make a huge diff? How much better is it than the Tomahawk? I am considering upgrading?  
The Wii golf or the Tiger Woods?
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