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Dude, Get a life. You are talking about a sub $200 player, you really must have nothing better to do with your time. Why would anyone with no vested interest in defaming the sflo2 spend hours/days performing the tests you speak of?  I suggest you give away your players, buy a QLS and leave us alone.
Is Audio GD an online store or a DIY site? Could you provide a link to the product page> Thanks.
I do not use the term "selling out" although it implies taking money from the record label and the promoters who organize their shows, it carries a negative connotation. I find nothing wrong with selling a product through the mainstream distribution channel in order to make a living. However some people seem to imply that because RATM have become rich off of an anti establishment message it is equivalent to "selling out". I think these people need to look beyond how much...
Thanks, I may have to add it to my collection once the waiting times go down (not that I need another portable).
  I realize this is not the 701 forum or the Arrow forum for that mater. I keep hearing that people use portable amps with the 701's. I just can't imagine that it has enough current for something like the 701. I have the 701 and so far the M-stage is the best with these. I also have the ALO Rx and it is nowhere near the sound you get through the M-stage.  Have you heard the 701 with a high current desktop amp (ie. M-Stage or even the Meir Corda head five) how does the...
I purchased my M-Stage from HLLY and have had it for a week now. Amp took 7 days to arrive (to the US) and I am happy with my purchase so far. 
I use re-shelled (custom) TF10's with the sflo and it sounds great: instrument separation, detail and punchy bass. One observation though is that the highs sound a bit recessed, but nothing the EQ can not fix.
Done, Thank you.  
Thanks, I just ordered one. With this adapter, can I use pretty much any of the opamps mentioned in this thread? 
where would one purchase the browndog. Better yet is there a detailed explanation of how to retrofit this adapter and what opamps it works with. This would be extremely useful for all the newbs (like me).
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