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You can only change the system from within. RATM have taken money from the corporate system (and consumers) and have used it to disseminate their message, fairly effectively (even people who do not like the message still listen to the music and lyrics). My favorite track is No Shelter from the Godzilla sound track. The fact that they were able to get a song that attacks the Hollywood marketing machine inside the marketing package (soundtrack) is brilliant. And the...
mp4nation.net they are taking pre-orders right now for the next batch so you can get 10% off.
 I am mostly planning to use the M-stage with my 701's, so I am wondering what the best gain settings people have found to work with the 701, HF-2 and the D5000's?  I am still waiting for my amp but will hopefully have it sometime next week. If you have not tried the above cans, please comment on which cans you have tried and what is the best gain setting that works for you. Thanks
Please add my #1018 to the list.
Another portable set-up. My slightly moded HF-2 with J$ headband and Sennhieser pads. Driven to respectable levels by the sflo2.  
Hi, Has anyone bought from Hlly? I sent them an order (and payment cleared through paypal) but have not received a responce for three days now. Is this normal?
The only "stake" that I have in Teclast is the $200 I spent with MP4, plus the three month wait. I just simply think this is a good player for the $. I am sorry yours had a problem, and I agree that these guys need to improve their CS and QC, which in turn will drive the price up for these players. I have not heard of this QLC players so please provide a link so we can all learn more.
They sound sweet too.
Thanks, SE 530's and TF-10's (sig picture) remolded by Fischer.
I have the sflo2 and the Rx MKI. While it does allow you to use the line out I notice only slight improvement using the Rx over the HO. In fact, lately I find myself using the sflo2 without the Rx most of the time, even around the house driving the HF2. With FLAC and 320 MP3's the sound quality is that good.   What people here have been questioning is the reliability and ease of use: Ease of use is 7/10 annoying more than anything.  Reliability? Just keep...
New Posts  All Forums: