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At risk of sounding like a fan boy, I have to say that I haven't enjoyed a Sony product quite this much since I got my first walkman (and I mean the tape kind). The fact that I should have been in bed an hour ago and I am still listening (to the "Exterme" playlist on the SenseMe categories) pretty much says it all.  While with the LCD-2 it does not quite compare to the HP out of my restored, pristine, SX-1250 sample, it does hold it's own from the speaker taps, which...
Yes, But the HAP-S1 has both optical and coax inputs and you can get a USB to optical or USB to coax cable so that you can use the HAP-S1 as a DAC.  That is what I am doing.
Good read. Thanks
Price lowered to $600 and I will throw in a cable.
why would you swap it out? you can connect an external drive through USB, as long as you format it with the device it will read it as available space. I am not sure about 3 or 4 but I will be getting a 2gb portable drive for it so that I can start hoarding more Hi-rez music. At this point my lossles library is only about 180gb so i have a ways to go.
So far I am glad I got the HAP-S1. I can play files from my desktop computer via optical or off of the hard drive (which is expandable if I need more room). You get double the watts (40 compared to 20 on the UDA1) from the speaker taps and with tone controls even the HE-6's are happy. Most of all the sound quality is great. So far I am noticing more depth to the sound-stage than the DAC in my Harmon CD/DAC as well as a darker background. It is a tad brighter than I am...
I use it with an S3 sometimes and it's buggy at best. 50%"of the time it won't handshake and then 10% of the time it just randomly turns the phone off. Plus the lack of a short USB one to USB B Cable is also a pain. Overall I enjoy it much more with the ipod touch, works great and no hassle.
Ordered yesterday and it came this morning, less than 24 hours. Awesome fast.   Still in the honey moon phase but I am fairly certain I will keep it. The synergy with my Magnum's is amazing. I knew these headphones could scale but this is well beyond what I expected.
trying to decide if i want the HAP-s1 or the uda-1b. I would probably use the HD but don't need it. The extra 40watt would definitely be a plus but I do have several vintage amps which put out more. Someone needs to buy both and compare the SQ. Which is the better DAC?
I am using USB player pro with HiFi-M8. On the Note 3 it works without a hitch and sounds great. However on my old S3 it does not work. It keeps crashing.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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