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Next time I see Alex I will be sure to mention it to him.
I am not sure I can explain it to you other than to say that "Driven" and "Driven to full potential" are miles apart.
Exactly like a speaker amplifier.If you were not happy with the LCD-XC out of your iphone, stay away from the HE-6. Anyone who does not believe that these need gobs of power to sound their best has not heard them anywhere near their best. This is a perfect example where measurements don't mean s@%t.Having said that I very much enjoy them from the Hifi-m8, and I own several vintage amps in excess of 100w/ch, but that is an exception.I also own an O2, other than making them...
I thought X was 5? 3.5 was brighter than 4 Grey which have the best midrange and are my favorite. 4 black were inconsistent but were similar to the Grey at their best. X have more bass and less midrange detail. They are all quite similar to each other and the difference can be hard to tell at first.
Really?I guess this is an example of how we hear differently.My LCD-2's sound as good from the M8 as they do out of the SX-1250 or the Sansui AU-717 and those have a great deal more "juice" than the M8.
I like mine with the HE-6 (balanced from an RSA). While not on par with my Pioneer SX-1250, it does admirably well for a portable and I would even say on par with many of the desktop set-ups I have heard at meets. One caveat is that the bass boost is a must.
Sunday Bump
I would love to hear what you think of the Code-X. I used to own the HE5-LE and I though it was a capable headphone which had a lot of potential if modded. However, I only started modding headphones after I sold it. The HE-6 is still my favorite headphone and I am enjoying it much more since I got the Hifi-m8 and the sony HAP-S1 although neither of them compare to the sx-1250 but that is busy in the living room driving speakers so not something I can use everyday with the...
Totally agree that everything I said is IMO. While I have not heard the HE-500, I do own the HE-6 and the LCD-2 (rev1) and used to own the the HE-5LE. I have heard all of them out of the 339 and the sx-1250 (1976 pioneer TOTL receiver with 125w/ch and a straight wire from speaker taps to HO).   From everything I have read I do not think the HE-500 requires quite near the power to drive to their best level that the HE-6 does and neither does the LCD-2. I am not talking...
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