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I hardwired mine to mini xlr
I agree as far as sources go the M8 is probably the second best DAC I have owned and the best portable DAC (it's ahead of the original Cypher Labs Solo, the HM 603 as well as the Harmon Kardon HD990 CD player/DAC). And it's almost on par with my new Sony HAP-S1 (plus it's headphone amp is better than the Sony). Playing around with the ohm settings on the Magnum's I notice a slight smoothing out when the setting is all the way to the left ( but we are talking very slight...
I can confirm that my (Grado) Magnum builds sound good with the M8, if that is worth anything. In particular I like it with the v3.5 drivers because I can boost the bass. The biggest difference with other amp/dac combos (Hifiman 603 and the RSA shadow/ipod nano) is that the soundstage opens up a tad  and gets more depth. But in my experience the Grado's I have owned in the past (125 and HF-2) or the Magnums I have built (8 pairs) didn't really benefit too much from...
I have used my HAP-S1 with the LCD-2 rev 1 and with the HE-6. The HO is a bit under powered to get the best from the LCD-2 and nowhere near the HE-6. But from the speaker out (with taps) even the HE-6 sounds better than most desktop rigs I have heard. So assuming the UDA has the same characteristics as the S1 but half the power from the speaker outs I would guess that it would play nice with the LCD-3's. However I have found that the LCD-2's are fussy about synergy with...
The man is back. How are things going with the amp Mr. Eddy? How many watts will it do into 60 ohms? Will it be a contender for the HE-6?
I hear that. But I do like bass presence when I listen to speakers (which my HPM-100 have in abundance). I have yet to hear that form an HD-800 even when well amplified. Where as the HE-6 (and the LDC-2 rev1) get much closer when given gobs of power.
"That's really not a good statement about hifiman. I'm pretty sure Sennheiser wouldn't have such variance."   Yeah, but finding an amp that makes them sound "good" (not loud) is much harder. Having said that I do want a set of HD-800 eventually.
Well here is another reason to direct wire them. Although I like the convenience of swapping cables. I wonder what Steve Eddy will charge for direct wire on my Q cable.  Thanks now I am always going to have that in the back of my mind. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But on that note I will now need to try them with speaker outs on my new Sony HAP-S1, 40 watts/ch should sound pretty good.
Do I risk blowing them up if I wire tap the SX-1250? I haven't tried that since re-cabling them.
OK did it. Offset = .8 L = 39.0 R = 38.7   Does that mean that my HE-6's are 38 ohm? That can't be especially if they are rated at 50 and everyone seems to be at or above that. Could the fact that I re-cabled mine to 4 pin mini xlr have anything to do with it? Is that why I am getting good results with lower wattage amps like the Hi-Fi M8. So many questions and no time to think about it today.
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