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I am in no way claiming that hardwiring had any impact on the resistance. However I remember some time back people speculating that the hi-fi man connectors caused some excess resistance. I have no idea as I never measured them before hardwiring.My main reason for hardwiring was to be able to use my Q cables and all my home made 4 pin mini XLR cables.
Mine came in at 39 ohm hardwired, I think these were the lowest.
No modification required. The pads just fit over the plastic ring just like the hifiman pleather.
I tried the shure pleather pads as well. They are extremely similar to the stock pleather. As far as "fit" they are all quite similar. The HM5 just don't have as much stuffing and a softer pleather.
+1 on the HM5 pads.I have also tried the LCD-2 leather, both stock, and pleather Denon pads.The HM5 sound best to my ears clean highs like the fabric and deep clean bass and lower mids. They are also super soft so they seal well.
As long as you were careful with the volume.Whats the most watts anyone has fed them?
Which album?
I have a brand new Sony HAP-S1 with 40w/ch from the speaker taps, it gets really loud at 40% volume and also makes the HE-6 sound clean with a deep soundstage and no hint of shrillness in the highs. But once you hear it on my restored 1974 Sansui AU-717 with 80w/ch there is no comparison, esspecialy when it comes to the quality and quantity of bass and articulation of midrange. When plugged into the speaker taps of my restored pioneer sx-1250 the increase to 160 w/ch take...
If you want a set of Symphones aluminum sleeves pm me I still have an extra set that I never used .
pm sent
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