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I have a completely opposite opinion. IMO the HAP-S1 is a great all in one solution. The built in DAC is top notch, the ability to play any type of file including DSD, the DSEE upscaling, expandable hard drive, internet radio and RCA out make it a great central system. While the internal HP amp does not have enough power for planar headphones It has great synergy with my Magnum builds (Grado's with magnum drivers). I have not heard the TH600 so I can't tell you if they...
If by "solid core" he means single filament wire as opposed to mufti-filament wire then I would agree. Solid core wire is problematic in that it does not flex/bend with movement and in a worse case can damage the driver if it is pulled by detaching the solder pad off of the driver. For Magnums I would recommend using multi-filament.
Still available. Bump
yeah.More is better.But still very much dependent on the receiver.My Sanusi is darker with a deep Soundstage.My pioneer is crisp and wide Soundstage.But both have tone filters to play with.
A bit off topic but does anyone know of a dock for Android phones/tablet with optical out? Or will I need to use an O&G cable and a USB to optical converter?
Rob knows his vintage gear.The 1980 is the pinnacle of pioneer receivers and if you can get a mint version for a fair price, regardless of what speakers/headphones you have, JUMP ON IT!However, I am biased as I own a mint 1250 (restored lovingly by Howard at Audio Specialist in Sherman Oaks). Although I have not heard a 1980 (it is a rare piece as not many were made) the 1250 (160w/ch) is still the best I have heard the HE-6.One caveat with all vintage gear is that it will...
Really? DSD files sound really good to me on my S1, but not a huge step above pcm 44.1 once they run through the DSEE engine. Where it really shines is upscaling from 256 through the DSEE. What is in your chain? Are you listening to headphones or speakers?
I finished my grill mod as well.  Wire mesh grills from a Staples waste paper basket and fine perforated nylon cloth underneath to keep the dust out. I have to agree this does open up the sound-stage noticeably.    
I am in no way claiming that hardwiring had any impact on the resistance. However I remember some time back people speculating that the hi-fi man connectors caused some excess resistance. I have no idea as I never measured them before hardwiring.My main reason for hardwiring was to be able to use my Q cables and all my home made 4 pin mini XLR cables.
Mine came in at 39 ohm hardwired, I think these were the lowest.
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